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Do men care about their appearance?

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May 23, 2014
Studies in cosmetic surgery
June 4, 2014

Do men care about their appearance? We often think women spend so much time worrying about their appearance, influenced by adverts, television shows, models and whatnots, that we forget that men are just as uptight about their looks and bodies. Besides, they are equally exposed to incredibly good looking men on TV as well. Saying that, you’re still more likely to see a man with a huge belly taking off his shirt on the beach, sashaying down the sands! Nonetheless, pressure from society is there. It is a constructed image that has become a societal norm, interpreted through the social mass media – telling men that they should look like Ryan Gosling, Ryan Reynolds, Chris Hemsworth, and even Channing Tatum. They want to possess a well-defined body, to be the toned and tanned beefcakes who embellish the cover of magazines. They want to illuminate the dreams of adolescent girls and women everywhere. And sometimes it’s not only to look good and boost their confidence – we already know that good-looking men and women are more likely to earn an average of 3% – 4% higher than an average-looking person. Why wouldn’t a man enhance his looks to get paid more? Men are willing to drink up protein shakes that taste like dirt, spend all of their free time in the gym and buy ridiculously expensive skin care products, hoping that all of these would transform them into flawless looking lads, while preserving their young look. Of course, sometimes these activities may not be too effective. Men can be working out for all they’re worth, eat the strictest diet in the world or buy the most expensive facial brands, yet may not see any results. It’s only logical that they would then turn to cosmetic surgery to complement all their efforts to look good.  And with cosmetic surgery becoming more and more accepted by men out there, we can be sure that many more men will join the ranks of those who have already undergone treatment. In fact, we at Beverly Wilshire have seen a steady increase in the number of men coming to the medical centre for treatments. What do you think? Do men care more about appearances than women?

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