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A holiday for rejuvenating the self

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April 25, 2014
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May 2, 2014

Imagine this – you’re sitting in a hammock, on a beautiful white sand beach, swinging away your daily worries, under the beautiful sun shining through a harmonious blends of blues in the sky, while sipping on an ice chilled Malibu rum. No loud truck noises, no traffic, no work, and most importantly, not having to deal with people back home. Ah, that is what life is about. Once in a while, you have got to take a step back and unwind in order to revitalize yourself to prevent burnout; even if it means going away to get a facelift, a nose job or any surgical procedure for that matter. Envision yourself travelling to Malaysia, not for the purpose of merely a holiday, but to couple it with the cosmetic procedure you’ve always dreamed of having, perhaps a tummy tuck. While your friends back home are envying you on your huge trip, try picturing their expressions upon your return, when you have got a new fantastic waistline (of course, without knowing the real reason why). They would be mind-blown! What’s a better way to head over to a new place, and at the same time, create a new you? Now, we have people asking, “Why is going to another country to have a procedure even a thing? Can’t we just get it done locally?” Well, of course you can. However, cosmetic surgery services as well as luxury medical tourism are definitely gaining popularity across the globe. Medical tourism experts say, “Looking at the current economy that isn’t doing that well, it actually makes more sense or perhaps seems even more attractive to consider the opportunities to combine surgery and a luxurious vacation, and still be on a lower cost package. “ “As new cosmetic and plastic surgeries come out, it is advantageous for the patients because you can have a surgery for the same flawless quality, but approximately at 50 – 90% less of the original cost” says the CEO of the global Medical Tourism Association. Would you ever consider travelling abroad for a cosmetic procedure?

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