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Rosacea & Eczema

Rosacea is a common skin condition that causes frequent flushing and visible blood vessels. Rosacea sufferers may also experience red bumps that swell, itch and even peeling, which often cause the patients to mistakenly self-diagnose as having acne. Unlike acne, rosacea has no blackheads or whiteheads. Sun exposure, hot and spicy food, inappropriate products on your skin can easily aggravate rosacea.
Often occurs in children, eczema is characterized by dry, itchy, and scaly patches. 
Treatment for rosacea and eczema will typically require a combination of appropriate skin care (always do a patch test before trying a new product), medications (to control the intense itch and inflammation) and lifestyle changes (avoid known triggers and hot showers). 

The Causes:

1. Rosacea – There are several theories including genetic inheritance and environmental factors. 
2. Eczema – Genetics, autoimmune disease, stress, activities that may cause skin to be more sensitive such as sweating, environmental factors such as dust mites.  

Rosacea & Eczema

  • Topical Medications

    If you've tried over-the-counter products and they haven't helped, our doctors can prescribe topical medications to control inflammation and swelling.

  • Oral Medications

    Oral medication kills excess skin bacteria. Often combined with topical medications for optimal results.

  • Omnilux™ Blue

    Blue LED light therapy. Destroys bacteria and reduces inflammation.

  • Omnilux™ Revive

    Red LED light therapy. Stimulates tissue regeneration and collagen production.

  • Omnilux™ Plus

    Yellow LED light therapy. Ideal for skin rejuvenation and wound healing.

Omnilux Revive

Omnilux Blue

Omnilux Plus

Oral Medication