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Dry & Sensitive Skin

Dry skin can cause skin cells to shrivel like a raisin, which leads to fine lines, wrinkles and premature aging.
We tend to think that drinking lots of water can cure dry skin,  unfortunately, the water doesn’t go directly to the skin. It’s best to deliver instant moisture to thirsty skin from the outside.
Treatments aside, bear in mind that products that are great for oily and combination skin types are not so great for dry skin sufferers. Unsuitable sunblock could be drying your skin while giving you the sun protection.  So, choose your products wisely.

The Causes:

1. Inappropriate skincare products, chemicals or cosmetics.
2. Excessive bathing, swimming, air-conditioning.
3. Prolonged sun exposure, weather changes. 
4. Travelling overseas.

Dry & Sensitive Skin

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