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Dark Circles & Eye Bags

Spoons in the freezer? Cucumber slices? Who has that kind of patience when you’re rushing around the house, trying to get out the door on time? 

The Causes:

1. Extreme fatigue and sleep deprivation. 
2. Diet – Eating too much salt will cause dehydration, making the skin around your eyes to look dull and sunken. 
3. Genetic inheritance.
4. Aging – Losing fat and collagen will cause the skin around the eye area to become thinner, as such, blood vessels underneath the eyes will be more visible.
5. Sinus – 
If you suffer from sinus, congestion can cause dark circles and eye bags despite sleeping 6-8 hours each night.
6. Allergies – Allergic reactions and dry eyes can trigger dark circles. 

Dark Circles & Eye Bags

  • Exilis

    An FDA-approved non-invasive treatment using ultrasound and radio frequency to reduce fat deposits underneath the skin, at the same time, stimulating collagen production to tighten the skin. Ideal for flabby, saggy areas ranging from eyes, cheeks, chin, neck, jowls, arms, abdomen, thighs, knees, male chest and bra strap zone. There is no downtime at all, making it a popular lunchtime treatment.

  • Mesotherapy

    Injection treatment to the full face or areas that particularly need attention. Delivers nourishments deep into the dermal layer for skin rejuvenation. Experience a dewy, firmer and radiant skin.



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