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Face, Neck & Ears

Your face represents your identity and some say “Your Face is Your Fortune”. 
A rounded face makes one look less elegant, as opposed to a face with defined jawbones and prominent cheekbones. A wrinkly and saggy face can constantly make you look tired, worn out or haggard, and it can affect people’s perception of you. Also, having neck bands or loose skin around the chin gives you a tired, old appearance.
On the other hand, individuals with protruding ears are often the brunt of jokes and had to struggle with low self-esteem and insecurity.




  • Ear Pinning

    Children with protruding ears or other ear deformities are often the brunt of jokes in school and home and grow up with problems in self-esteem and confidence. Otoplasty or ear reconstruction is recommended between the ages of 4-14 to pull the ears back to shape to avoid long-term emotional damage. With the young patient sedated, the surgeon makes a small incision at the back of the ear and removes excess cartilage and skin to provide a sculpted ear.

  • Earlobe Reduction

    With ageing and lack of ear care, the ears can sometimes droop drastically, creating long, aborigine-like earlobes. In these cases, our surgeon will skilfully remove the drooping flesh at the earlobe, while shaping attractive-looking earlobes to improve your appearance.

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