Meet Our Dentists – Dr Khairil Aznan, The Superbike Enthusiast – Beverly Wilshire Medical Centre

Meet Our Dentists – Dr Khairil Aznan, The Superbike Enthusiast

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Biker, motorcyclist, rider? It’s quite hard to pin down which title Dr Khairil Aznan, Consultant Orthodontist of Beverly Wilshire Dental Clinic should carry. Dr Khairil is fond of superbikes and has made several biking trips up North all the way to Thailand with his friends who share the same hobby, (passion brings you distance they say). Enjoy this short interview as we get to know him and his two cents on chewing gums.

How and when did your interest in dental health develop?

I have to say it was after I completed my matriculation and was offered to do the Dentistry Course in Perth, Australia, back in 1991.

You’ve always wanted to be a dentist?

Well not exactly. I’ve been offered to do either medicine or dentistry, but I chose dentistry. I’m more outgoing and prefer to take things easy, instead of being involved with critical things like human life, which can be quite strenuous.

When you are talking to someone, would their set of teeth be something that stands out to you first?

Well, there’s a study that has been done which states that if you are having a conversation, around 60%- 70% of the conversation, the focus will be at the teeth or mouth area. Because sometimes you may not be able to grasp what they are trying to say but by looking at the mouth, it actually makes it clearer, then  the other 30% is actually eye-contact.


How do you unwind and take your mind off work? Any hobbies?

I’ve many hobbies. Sports is one of them. I have super bikes and ride down to Thailand with my friends. I’ve been to Phuket three times, Koh Samui once, and Krabi twice on a bike.

Tell us is whether chewing gum good for teeth.              

I would say chewing gum has an advantage due to the sticky nature of the gum that helps do the cleaning. But the thing is you have to choose sugar-free once like Wrigley’s Sugar Free that is actually better for oral hygiene. But we do not really advice that because I am specialized in Orthodontics, so we don’t actually advice patients to have chewing gum especially bubble gums because it might actually get stuck on the braces. However, Wringley’s Sugar Free is actually quite compatible with braces.

Are you by any means sponsored by Wrigley’s?

I have done studies back in my University days sponsored by Wrigley’s. The outcome from the study was quite good.

Is brushing teeth after every meal advisable?

It is actually advisable to brush at least 3 times a day- morning after you wake up, after lunch and basically after dinner. At least 3 times, but most people actually brush teeth twice or sometimes once.

If you weren’t a dentist, you would be…

If I wasn’t a dentist, I would probably go into medicine or engineering. Because I think dentistry in itself is actually a combination of medicine and engineering, which I am both fond of. Dentistry is actually also a combination of art and science where you need to sort of build up things, to know the materials, the engineering.

Favourite food?

Well I don’t really have any favourite food. I suppose any cooking, Malay food, Chinese food, Indian food, western as well- pretty diverse.

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