Thinking of getting a medical vacation? Here’s why Malaysia is the ideal medical tourism destination.

Medical  x Vacation

You are probably familiar with taking that vacation you long for, fly away to the tropics with your loved ones, lie on the beach while enjoying the beautiful sunset. What if we tell you; you get to do all that, and reward yourself to that medical beauty treatment. Yes, we are talking about medical tourism. We see international guests like you taking the flight for medical tourism is a sign of trust to us. Therefore, we are more than happy to be at your service, so relax and flow with the arrangements we provide.

Medical tourism is no stranger to those that are accustomed to combine their vacation with treatments. It has been around Malaysia for quite some time and serve its benefits to both patients and the healthcare industry. Malaysia is one of the best places for you to go on your next medical travel adventure due to its warm hospitality, great value and high-quality health care infrastructure.

Warm Hospitality

As a guest coming to Malaysia, there will be no shortage of warm hospitality. Just like beauty is engraved within Beverly Wilshire, warm hospitality comes from the bottom of our hearts.  As a country that thrive in a multilingual and multi-cultural environment, Malaysia can bridge the language and cultural barriers, making international guests feel like they’re at home. Besides that, Malaysia is the leading global halal hub in the world and is expected to launch halal certification for drugs and medical devices in 2022.

Great Value

Worry about breaking the bank? Fear not!  In Malaysia, the prices of treatments are monitored using ceiling rates imposed by the Ministry of Health of Malaysia. The implication of great value is more than just the price tags of treatments. Furthermore, medical and beauty treatments in Malaysia comprises of packages and services that will put you at ease.

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High Quality Health Care Infrastructure

Is health care in Malaysia high quality? Say no more, it’s at the tip of tongue. Malaysian set its expectations high for quality, cleanliness and hygiene. Malaysia is home to some of the world’s most sought-after medical and wellness facilities. Renowned for providing cutting-edge treatment options and top-notch services, premium establishments here are fully equipped to handle patients’ specific needs. As all private institutions in Malaysia are also licensed under the Healthcare Facilities and Services Act 1998. International guests can rest assure that the staff members of these facilities are highly trained and efficient in serving patients.

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Things to check before coming here

Congratulations!  Now that you’ve made up your mind.  You’re one step closer towards the journey of beautification. As travelling for medical reasons may come with risk of complications, here are some matters you may need to pay attention to.

Get a pre-travel consultation

Need an ease of mind, your lips hold the key to retrieving answers. Don’t be shy to ask your local doctor to get a second opinion, or discuss anything from general information to the risks involved. They may even suggest which medical facility and service provider to choose. The advantages of receiving treatment overseas are many. In addition to the savings, you will enjoy a pleasant stay in a gorgeous country and world-class hospitals.

Research the provider or facility

Traveling to a new country for a holiday and seeking medical treatment in another country can be a daunting experience. You may do your own research and don’t forget to contact the organization you want to engage with to find out the necessary steps of before and after traveling to ensure your trip is safe and successful.

Some questions you would need to ask are:

  • Is the treatment available in your facility?
  • What is the cost of the treatment?
  • Is this treatment the best solution for me in my situation?
  • Do you provide e-consultation prior to the actual trip?
  • Does the medical center provide interpreter service?
  • When can I schedule an appointment?
  • What is the duration of the medical procedure?
  • How long is the recovery period?
  • What arrangements can you assist with regarding medical tourism to Malaysia?
  • What do I need to do on my own?

If you’re looking into a treatment with Beverly Wilshire Medical Centre, our location in the in the heart of the Kuala Lumpur is incredibly accessible to some of the well-known international hotel chains. Even though “medical tourism” may seem like a vacation in a foreign country, we highly recommend our guest to choose a hotel nearby, the reason being patients are advised not to travel far right after the treatments. Should there be anything that arises during post recovery period, it is only a short ride back to our centre. Accommodation can be easily booked on online booking platforms like Klook,, Airbnb, and Agoda.

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