With Christmas and New Year holidays just around the corner, this is the season for festive partying and you need to look fabulous to attend the parties. You’re going to meet old friends and family that you haven’t seen for some time and you need to make sure you vowed the crowd with a memorable impression that will keep them talking about it even long after the party is over! Besides trying to look ultimately fabulous, you’ll definitely want to dress in comfortable confidence, just so that mingling and mixing around people is a breeze to you. Dressing according to your body shape is the best way to ensure that you look your best, so knowing your body proportions is vital to size up clothes that fit and flatter yourself. The rule of the thumb is to wear the right clothes without being influenced by the latest trend. You have to choose what actually suits you, what makes you feel positive and relaxed. However, in some cases there are attires that could blend with most body shapes and to get you inspired with enthusiasm, we’ve taken cue from the red carpet experts that have succeeded in assembling the most praiseworthy clothing choices that have imprinted the world over as leading fashion icons. Below are 5 holiday party dresses that flatter every body type, so you can just pick one or more to complement your look. Whether you’re petite, hefty, small busted or with ample breasts, these dresses will make you look good. Just jazz it up with a few accessories and you’re good to go! 1. Long-sleeved mini Besides offering sun protection, long-sleeved mini dresses are great for camouflaging flabby upper arms that most mature women contend with. An ideal classic piece that provides only the necessary form fitting silhouette, the short skirt length gives a leggy appearance regardless of body type. 2. Coat dress This ensemble which is basically a combination of coat and dress, rakes in the best benefits of both characteristics that personifies the qualities of a dress together with the protective image of a coat. It’s great for camouflaging bulging body shape or non-flattering curvy figure with busty tops. 3. Cape dress For a one stop piece that boasts of sophisticated chic that looks ethereal and modern, the cape dress, fondly known as the superhero design, simply looks amazing when worn by every woman but it looks even fantastic if you want to capture a timeless aristocratic look! 4. A-Line dress It’s all about where the flare starts for this classic A-line dress. Forming the capital “A” shape, it accentuates any figure by making your body shape appear smaller above the point at the start of the flare. This illusion is formed at the widening out of the hem, hiding figure flaws. The flare can begin just below the bust line or any area further down the hips or thighs, thus complementing any figure. 5. Little black dress The little black dress is a wardrobe piece that is timeless and remains classically essential in every woman’s fashion collection. A sensual and always in-style wearable, no matter what event, it hides all the extra curves to create a slimmer figure; making you look gorgeous without worrying about spills or extra appetisers! To look flattering in all clothes If you want to look great in most attire sold on the rack of every fashion store, the hourglass body shape is described to be the best fit and the most desired. In order not to confine or limit yourself to certain types of clothing designs but instead possess the liberty to express yourself the way you really wanted to, why not sculpt and shape up your body to attain the best body look? Beverly Wilshire Medical Centre has the proven expertise with skilled surgeons that have helped many with weight and body shape issues to overcome their problems with the most suitable body makeovers. Make an appointment today and see yourself in a whole new different image, where you can dress as you please according to your personal style and be more confident of yourself!