Many women often try to bounce back into shape after having a baby but for some, it remains an impossible dream, that is, impossible without a little “mommy makeover” help. While it is an endearing experience for women to have children, it can naturally take a drastic toll on their bodies in many ways – stretched muscles around the abdominal areas, volume loss and sagging of breasts, excess fat around arms, hips, thighs, tummy and buttocks – are all common issues after childbearing. Despite having tried and done everything, from strict diet to punishing exercise regimen; to recover their pre-pregnancy body back – what they still see is either fatty deposit or loose skin all over. That’s where a “mommy makeover” comes into play where mothers can regain their body shape prior to their pregnancy – with a little surgical assistance. However, after childbirth, before you go running for a makeover and to ensure that results are long-lasting, field experts advise that you should:

  1. Be at your ideal stable weight for at least six months after childbirth
  2. Have stopped breastfeeding for six months
  3. Have decided to stop bearing child

Although you can still continue having more children after a “mommy makeover”, you may have to undergo more procedures after initial surgeries to counter the returning effects. What does “mommy makeover” mean? A phrase taken off from the cosmetic surgery field, “mommy makeover” consists of surgical procedures designed to reverse physical after-effects caused by childbearing. Generally it encompasses excess skin or fat in areas around the abdomen, upper arms, hips and thighs; saggy breasts that have lost volume – a single or combination of body contouring procedures consisting of tummy tuck, liposuction, breast augmentation or lift. There’s no denying the popularity surge of “mommy makeovers” as women begin to realise the impossible dream of having pre-baby body figure, an attainable cure to restore their post-pregnancy bodies where all other methods have failed. What do mommies make over? Today’s mommies can select from a full range of cosmetic procedures that will help contour their out-of-shape bodies that are affected by pregnancy or years of child-raising. You may combine or decide on one, whichever brings about the best result. Tummy Tuck Also known as Abdominoplasty, it addresses problems like stretched and pulled muscles caused by multiple pregnancies, accumulation of excess fat and skin before and after childbirth. This surgical procedure is designed to tauten abdominal muscles and skin so that the stomach area has a tighter, smoother and flatter appearance. Liposuction If you are retaining excess fat in areas of your body after your pregnancy, liposuction can help you reduce stubborn pockets of fat lining your upper arms, tummy, hips and upper thighs. After procedure, you’ll find your body re-contoured to reflect a before-pregnancy silhouette. Breast Augmentation If you’ve lost breast volume after pregnancy, undergoing a breast augmentation procedure can help you regain fullness in the breasts while achieving a more youthful, contoured appearance. Breast Lift Many mothers notice their sagging breasts which usually occur from breastfeeding that can be corrected with a breast lift surgery (Mastopexy). It can effectively eliminate excess and tighten the remainder skin for a more firm, youthful and perkier breasts. Taking the next step If you’re not sure which mommy makeover is right for you, schedule a consultation with us for all your questions and answers about the procedures that can help you attain your goals. Mommies that are not happy with their post-pregnancy bodies are flocking into cosmetic centres to take charge of the way they look and to recoup what was once their pride and joy – to become desirable again with a great boosting of self-esteem. The way they look at it: a good trade-off for a minimal downtime when you can be happy for the rest of your life.