Generally we have always looked to the West for inspirations of style and fashion that celebrity icons dishes out during their walk of fame on the red carpets, often side lining our very own Asian counterparts that also sizzled and vowed the world media as darlings of the impeccably dressed. Here we take a breather from the Hollywood scene and turn our lens at our backyard A-listers that equally rake up points on being glamourous on red carpet events. Below are our top 10 East Asian celebrities that bombed the red carpet that we should be memorising for their sense of charm and panache:

  1. Fan Bing Bing

shutterstock_108551273 Being on Forbes’ number four list as one of the highest paid actress in 2015 is no laughing matter and Fan Bing Bing shows why she’s on that list – an award-winning actress, a pop singer, fashion model and producer – carving out a niche on the western hemisphere, playing the role of Blink in X-Men: Days of Future Past.

  1. Shu Qi

shutterstock_280204508 Shu Qi effortlessly shows her talent appearing on the runway draped in a dress or gown showcasing her curves that belies her martial art prowess. As she raises the style meter, she also elevated herself as a credible actress in the movie The Assassin – that won Best Director Award at the Cannes.

  1. Zhang Ziyi

shutterstock_98654276   Skyrocketing to worldwide stardom with Oscar-nominated movie Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, Zhang Ziyi’s English credits also includes Memoirs of a Geisha, Rush Hour 2 and Horsemen. She loves exploring new fashion trends and having won several Best Actress Awards across Asia, she’s fondly known as China’s Angelina Jolie.

  1. Gong Li

shutterstock_87059519 The reigning beauty in Chinese cinema ever since her acting debut in 1987, she held the title of the most beautiful woman in China during 2006. With multiple Best Actress Awards in her grasp from stellar performances in movies such as Farewell My Concubine, The Story Of Qiu Ju, Ju Dou and Curse Of The Golden Flower; she excels in portraying the roles of women in hardship which contradicts her glittering glamour on the red carpet.

  1. Michelle Yeoh

shutterstock_95836147 With looks that belies her age, Malaysian actress Michelle Yeoh always appears elegant in her stroll down the red carpet, proving that her style is eternal and age is merely a number. Famous for her movies Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, 007 Tomorrow Never Dies and Memoirs of a Geisha, she’s a connoisseur of luxury wardrobe with her favourite labels including Valentino, Elie Saab, Versace, Roberto Cavalli and Emilio Pucci.

  1. Claudia Kim

shutterstock_269256962 Kicking off her first debut movie that topped the global box office was a dream come true for South Korean actress, Claudia Kim. She relished in her supporting role for Marvel’s Avengers: Age of Ultron, getting her first break in the silver screen after initially modelling and immersing herself with ten years of K-Drama in her country. Being a model, Claudia carries off her wardrobe with years of experience being in front of a camera.

  1. Tao Okamoto

shutterstock_135471566 A Japanese model by trade, Tao Okamoto went on to develop her international career on runways carving a name out for herself as one of the most famous East Asian models for labels such as Chanel, Fendi, Ralph Lauren and Louis Vuitton. Her acting career began with movies Hannibal, The Wolverine and soon to be launched Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice.

  1. Bai Ling

shutterstock_285239705 Notorious in the media field, gaining attention of audiences and critics through many prestigious films, Bai Ling has starred in Wild Wild West, Anna & The King, Taxi 3, The Wedding Banquet and Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow. She loves appearing in quirky and bizarre designs on the red carpet which garnered her more publicity and attention from the world.

  1. Li Bingbing

shutterstock_294369098 With a notable amount of Best Actress Awards for her Chinese films Seventeen Years, The Knot, The Forbidden Kingdom and The Message. She gained international stardom with Transformers: Age of Extinction, Resident Evil: Retribution and will soon star in a new superhero movie Realm in collaboration with Stan Lee. Her favourite designers include Zuhair Murad, Elie Saab and House of Dior.

  1. Rinko Kikuchi

shutterstock_254850568 Being the first Japanese actress nominated for an Academy Award for Babel, Rinko Kikuchi followed up her success with numerous highly acclaimed movies The Brothers Bloom, Ronin and Pacific Rim. Partial to designers like Yves Saint Laurent, Chanel and Tom Ford, she’s also known to garb herself in risky attention-grabbing styles on the red carpet. Empowering your look If you’ve noticed, all the bevy of beauties listed above have an amazing body to serve justice to all the wardrobe pieces they’ve worn. If you want to ensure that your dress fits like a glove this Chinese New Year, Beverly Wilshire Medical Centre offers tummy tuck or liposuction procedures to slim down your problem areas so that you’ll look absolutely gorgeous ushering in the Lunar New Year!