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Post-surgery: how important is exercise?

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June 4, 2014
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June 6, 2014

Post-surgery: how important is exercise? Many people now choose to undergo cosmetic procedures in order to obtain a certain desired look or feel. However, the actions people take after a procedure are often what ensures optimum health and whether or not the results will last. After a cosmetic procedure or plastic surgery, you may be a tad too excited to get back to your regular exercise routine, but it’s absolutely essential to take it easy. Engaging in extreme exercise too soon after the surgery can actually result in some pretty serious and damaging complications, such as inflammation and swelling, re-opening of incisions, more visible post-operative scarring, and even infection. It is always paramount to wait some weeks (according to your surgeon’s recommendation) before returning to your normal regime. Nonetheless, that does not at all mean that you have to spend those weeks in bed! In order to speed up the healing process, doing some light exercises may help. For instance, you can take two or three short walks throughout the day to help blood clots from occurring, or to just simply get some fresh air in your garden. Our doctors always advise that exercising is essential to staying healthy following any cosmetic procedure. Maintaining a healthy routine with exercise and a healthy diet will guarantee longer-lasting results and avoid problems down the road. Different types of cosmetic procedures and plastic surgery might require different types of post-operative physical activity but everyone’s body reacts differently, so it’s best to consult your doctor so as to not jeopardize the overall results. We are not saying that exercising is the cure-all when it comes to lasting cosmetic plastic surgery results, but it does go a long way towards maintaining the highest quality results possible. The key is to start light and slowly ease your way back into your normal routine. How did you stay fit after your operation?

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