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Are You Ready To Sizzle Your Body At The Beach?

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February 5, 2016
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Remember those days when you were a kid and all your parents had to do was mention going for a trip to the beach and you’ll be all excited for an adventurous time; exploring all the beach has to offer – the sun, sea, wind, sand – all the elements that’ll heighten your adrenaline creating unforgettable childhood memories! Gone are those simple childhood expectations when adulthood approaches. Being a woman, a trip down the beach means arming yourself with beauty necessities to protect your face and body besides knowing how to swim (or not if you intend to stick to land). Mostly on every woman’s checklist would be towels, sunscreens, sunglasses, moisturisers, brollies and the most important of all – the bathing suit. That piece of attire can be said for some, the most flattering outfit for those born with supermodel figures or a bane to a majority of women at large. Wearing swimsuits or bikinis can be embarrassing or awkward for those owning extra love handles at certain sections of the body. Here, we have some tips that you might find handy to help you flaunt that swimwear!

  1. Get the right swimsuit for your body

There are many styles to consider when buying a swimsuit for yourself but consider these styles if they fit your needs: Ruching shutterstock_111980957 Fabric that is gathered or pleated that expands or contracts in order to mould to your body shape which may help to eliminate unwanted bumps or bulges. Hip-kini shutterstock_176984918 Wear these bikini bottoms that sit below your hipbones that will appear to slim down your butt and thighs in an attempt to make them look smaller. Colour play shutterstock_310480214 Play with colours to accentuate body parts that you’ll like to highlight or downplay parts that you’re aren’t crazy about. For example, wear noticeable tops to showcase your bust but plain coloured bottoms if you don’t want to call attention to that area.

  1. Stay off carbs

shutterstock_175995878 A few days prior to your beach escapade, try staying off food with carbs. Forgo your daily serving of rice and pasta and stick to lean protein. Eat plenty of chicken, fish, legumes, eggs and veggies and compensate hunger pangs by eating five to six mini meals each day. Only have one or two pieces of fruit to avoid high sugar levels. Keep this up for those few days and you’ll have burned off some fat!

  1. Accessorize strategically

shutterstock_302222867 Accessorizing with your swimwear correctly can bring about the most attractive results to enhance your body in every flattering way. Want to have optically slender long legs? Go for wedges instead of flip flops. Want people to focus on your cleavage? Drape a drop necklace to get the attention. Pair a short caftan to reveal sexy legs, a slip dress to emphasize your bust or tight shorts to parade a cute bottom.

  1. The nectar of life

shutterstock_97982666 Contrary to myth, drinking lots of water will not bloat you up. In fact, if you don’t get enough hydration, it causes your body to retain water underneath the skin, making you look puffy. About three days prior to your beach trip, cut out coffee and alcohol and just drink water measuring eight glasses a day. You’ll be glad to notice a more toned and slimmer look giving you more body definition.

  1. Hold that pose

shutterstock_141030289 The key to making you look taller and slimmer is your posture. When you stand, stand up straight. If you sit, tuck in your knees drawn to your chest. This makes your legs look slimmer, your tummy tighter, and all the better to catch an eye of a hot guy. Other sure-fire ways for a beach body There are other options available to attain that beach body worthy of swimsuit print editions. To get rid of stubborn love handles, you may want to consider liposuction or tummy tuck. These procedures can result in a more long-lasting sculpted and toned body – absolutely delicious for bikini wear. Book an appointment today for a comprehensive consultation with Beverly Wilshire Medical Centre’s skilled surgeons that can assess your issue and target the right treatment to achieve your goals. Remember, a beautiful body is the foundation of confidence that allows you to strut your stuff and enjoy the feeling of sun and water on your skin!

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