These days there are countless of advertisements offering “solutions” for men with thinning hair. These usually come in the form of tablets, lotions and potions with medically sounding names and heavily exaggerated claims to help regrow lost hair. However, most men who are self-conscious about their thinning hair will try most products in the hope that it improves their situation but they are usually disappointed as most are not effective at all in the fight against hereditary hair loss. If there was actually a lotion or potion that truly made your thinning hair go from threadbare to bushy bear hair in 30 days, we wouldn’t even be discussing this topic right now. Every man with thinning hair would have their problem solved. Ways To Improve Thinning Hair Fear not, we do have some ways you can try to improve the situation without pain and making your wallet thinner (no pun intended). A case of thinning hair through the top, crown, hairline or very fine hair can be addressed with simple tricks of the trade to help improve and in some cases give the illusion of more hair. Plump It Up Yes guys; size does matter – when it comes to artificially making hair appear thicker, particularly the width or diameter of each hair. The plumper each individual hair is, the denser the coverage looks. This illusion can be created when certain treatments are applied to the hair to increase each individual hair diameter by plumping or swelling it. This effect is similar to when water is applied to the hair. The problem is, when water evaporates it goes back to normal. So for a longer, lasting result, you may want to try to colour your hair as it is very effective at giving the appearance of thicker hair if used correctly and carefully by a professional. Here’s how it works. Synthetic hair colour deposits colour molecules inside the hair and the peroxide mixed with the colour swells the cuticle so that the colour pigment molecules can penetrate the hair. This results in plumping the hair about 20%; giving the illusion of more visible thicker hair for short, fine and light coloured hairs. Thickening Shampoo & Conditioner There are many shampoos and conditioners out there which, if used regularly, will give the impression of slightly fuller and thicker hair. These products concentrate on promoting the swelling of the hair diameter. They usually have the added benefit of making hair more manageable and are the less time consuming, less costly and the easiest way to the appearance of thicker hair. Finer hair tends to become brittle easily through sun, heat and damage caused by inferior styling products. These thickening shampoos and conditioners are used in exactly the same way as a daily product, with the exception that they need to be left in the hair for one to two minutes longer before rinsing. Longer Lasting Result Aside from the above ways to deal with thinning hair, another better option with longer lasting result would be available in the form of a hair transplant which also made headlines by football star celebrity, Wayne Rooney. He openly tweeted that he had hair transplant procedure and invited fans to see his new look plus asked for a good hair gel recommendation! So what does a hair transplant involve? It basically involves moving hairs from an area of thick growth to balding areas. Then using Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) method, healthy individual hair follicles would be extracted from the scalp and transplanted into the bald areas of the head. It is totally simple, painless and a much better permanent option to regaining healthy beautiful hair that can significantly improve your appearance and self-confidence. If you would like to have a consultation before deciding on a hair transplant procedure, you can book an appointment with Beverly Wilshire Medical Centre for a full professional assessment of your hair and you’re on your way to restoring your crown of glory again.