Our hair frames our face and having thick luscious hair tends to be a sign of vitality and youthfulness. As we age, so do our hairs, they gradually thin, lose elasticity, and dull as each decade passes. This is worrisome for individuals who are naturally born with thin, fine hair. Other factors apart from age that causes hair lost are hormone changes, the environment and also stress levels.

There are approximately 120,000- 150,000 strands hairs on our head and about 50 to 100 strands fall daily. If you exceed that number, you’ve reach an alarming rate that requires attention for treatment. Read on to find out how to achieve healthy hair.

1. Watch your diet

In many ways, our hair is a reflection of what’s going on in the rest of our body. Our hair will be lustrous, shiny and resilient when we follow a healthy and balanced eating plan.

Food that you should eat for luscious and healthy hair are for example, fresh fruits and vegetables, almond, whole grains, spinach etc. Use the below pointers as guide when deciding and planning your meals:

·        Protein: Ensure that the food you eat contain protein in good amount for regular growth of hair.

·        Vitamin B-complex:  Includes biotin and vitamin B6 that can increase scalp circulation and rejuvenate hair follicles.

·        Vitamin C: Helps in the building of collagen in our body, which is highly important for the growth of hair.

·        Vitamin E: They are powerful antioxidants that help repair and build the hair tissue and follicles. It is also efficient in protecting your hair from harmful UV rays of the sun.

·        Iron: Lack of iron in the body results in hairloss, consume more iron-rich food to reduce and prevent hair fall.

Also, avoid smoking, caffeine and carbonated drinks.

2. Go natural !

Use natural shampoos and hair products that are sulfate-free as most of the shampoos in the market has contains Sodium Laureth and Sodium Laureth Sulfate, imposing harm to the hair, causing erosion of hair follicles,impeding the growth of the hair. If Sodium Laureth Sulfate is used on it’s own,it leads to baldness! Choose shampoos made of natural ingredients to avoid dry,lifeless and brittle hair.

3. Hot oil massage

Heat some oil (preferably coconut oil or almond oil) and slowly massage your scalp using your fingertips. It increases flow of the blood to the hair follicles, enhances the strength of the roots of your hair and condition of your scalp.

4. Get moving

Exercising allows you to release all the accumulated stress in you. Working out for 30 minutes daily is greatly beneficial to your overall health in general.

A head of healthy hair increases your self-confidence, and the opposite is true too where hair loss and hair-fall affects one’s confidence level and imposes stress on the soul. There are treatments that are targeted to improve such conditions for example the peptide technology, plasma richplatelets (PRP) and hair transplant. All these treatments are safe and there isn’t any side effect. Clients are advice to be patient when undergoing treatment as the rate of hair growth is dependent on individual’s condition. You’re welcome to visit our centre and have a chat with the doctors to select the treatment which suits you the best.