Do you remember the happy times together? The nods, the glances, the smiles; the first date, the first kiss. It seems like yesterday, doesn’t it? But now, all of a sudden, your relationship is falling apart. Is it because of lack of adventure? Has it become a routine? Or is it just you realising that he/she might not be your Mr/Ms Right? Whatever the reason, do not break up. Reconsider the options, think it over before taking action. People get stuck in the trap of regret. Heading in another direction with the same partner shutterstock_100605829 To rekindle the lost spark, engage in new activities. Go hiking (and combine it with catching Pokemon), learn to surf or dive, or try a staycation to end the treadmill. The latter, especially, is a lot of fun: it consists in a short break during which you go around your town or province visiting the local tourist attractions or camping in a forest nearby. Adrenaline is key. Indeed, a full life boosts the excitement. Keep that in mind when concerting the next step with your soul mate. Communicate! shutterstock_325137587 The longer the relationship, the more you overlook all those small commotions couples go through on a monthly, or even weekly basis. And ultimately silence takes over. Never stop communicating. Choose the right moment, do not put up a fight after a tiring day at work. Listen to each other and do not, DO NOT, attempt to put your better half in his/her place by bringing old arguments up. You are supposed to solve a problem together, not win an argument. And do not forget compliments. Sincere praises are always appreciated. Say no to technology in the bedroom shutterstock_146199980 Put away tablets, smartphones and PCs; leave all work for the morning after, or finish it before going to bed. Use that time to talk, or to relieve the stress with cuddles. Plus, electronics have the power to delay your sleep; you become tired, therefore inclined to irritation. Fight insecurity If all the above is of no help, it might be a matter of insecurity. But what is the cause? Is it really your partner, or is it you not feeling at ease with your personality, or perhaps with your body? Work on confidence or, if it is about the latter, you might want to consider cosmetic surgery to overcome the obstacles that are putting your love story in jeopardy. Beverly Wilshire Medical Centre offers many cosmetic surgery treatments, as well as support during the ageing process. You may even opt for a hair transplantation. Check our offer online, and should you still need advice, book an appointment with one of our consultants.