Ever since women have taken notice of their aging beauty, many tales have been spun for young kids inquisitive about life and old age – that every wrinkle has its own story; may that be a smile, a kiss, a torment, a moment of love or of pain, we cannot get rid of them. As your face in many circumstances is your business card, it’s better to take extreme care of it before it’s too late. Indeed, no matter how much we would love to go back in time, we simply cannot. Although aging skin is inescapable, there are some expedients you can start considering right now to prevent, or at least minimize, your detested wrinkles. 1. Smoking shutterstock_149988011 There’s no need to list all the reasons why smoking is a bad habit. Among others, there’s plenty of research out there that proves smoking ages your skin. Therefore, if you are an avid smoker, this could be a valid enough reason to quit immediately. 2. Not getting enough sleep shutterstock_210593761 This is a bad habit you should stop right now. Getting enough rest is essential for your body to function and guess what? It makes you prettier too! In fact, while we’re getting our beauty sleep, our bodies produce HGH (Human Growth Hormone), which encourages among others, skin cells reproduction. There’s also evidence showing that the best sleeping position is to lie on your back, which helps to minimise the appearance of sleep lines, where night after night, it could turn into wrinkles. 3. Staying in the sun without protection shutterstock_156996335 The sun is one of the worst enemies for wrinkles, so you should try to limit exposure. However, if you stay in the sun you should always put on sunscreen (at least SPF 20) as a protection and use sunglasses. 4. Squinting shutterstock_314600783 Avoid any repetitive facial movement that can lead to the formation of dimples. For instance, if you are one of those people who squint every time you have to read something, get a pair of glasses instead. By squinting less, formation of crow or fine lines could be reduced. 5. Dehydration shutterstock_157771268 Staying hydrated is essential to keep your skin smooth and radiant. Over time, a lack of hydration could make your skin loose elasticity, generating wrinkles. As no one wants to look old beforehand, make sure you carry a bottle of water with you when you get out of the house and drink from time to time. Coconut water and green tea are also advisable. 6. Going to bed with makeup on shutterstock_232566679 Remember that going to sleep with your makeup on is a wrinkle-catcher. Makeup residuals can indeed accumulate into your pores and diminish the amount of collagen and elastin in your skin, speeding up the aging process. Therefore, before going to bed just grab that makeup remover and use it. Desperate times call for drastic measures If you’ve already got rid of all these bad habits, tried out all kinds of anti-aging products, natural remedies and face yoga, but you are still worried that your skin looks older than it actually is, you can place yourself into our specialists’ hands. If you wish to remove the signs of time, make an appointment with Beverly Wilshire Medical Centre today to know everything about facelift, botox or other anti-aging procedures. Feeling younger and better with a boost of confidence has never been easier!