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Seductive Hands Once Again

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Inarguably one of the most visible parts of the body, hands might be cause of discomfort for someone. Being continuously on display, there is a high probability they will get noticed sooner or later, along with their flaws. As we use them literally hundreds of times in a day, and since contact with corrosive, acidic, rugged and sharp substances and surfaces cannot really be avoided, they may become dry, fragile, and eventually cracked. Let’s have a look at how to address such problems.

Hand care
First, consider wearing a pair of gloves, preferably cotton lined, to lessen the impact of external agents. Long or regular exposure to cold, heat, water, chemicals has a strong influence on skin. Second, regular hand washing. Use a gentle cleanser, whether soap or a soapless alternative, provided it does not contain too many artificial or abrasive ingredients, as those might be harmful to your natural moisture barrier. And, bear in mind: transparent products must be avoided! Last but not least, throw lotions away and switch to an oil-based moisturiser. The latter has the advantage of locking water in more efficiently. Are you on a budget? Go for home remedies. Lanolin, for example, is a good and cheap alternative to expensive skin care solutions, and gives the same results in terms of softness, even during wintertime. It does not end here, though. Chances are that if hands need some care, fingernails will do too.

It is quite easy to attain healthy, attractive nails: specific oils can help strengthen them, while pushing the cuticle back from time to time will return a cleaner, longer look. You may also want to consider paying a visit to a beauty salon, once in a while. Those structures utilise the best products on the market to beautify their clients, and offer a range of special services, such buff, gel and french manicure and pedicure. In some cases, gels and creams are just not enough, and treatments are required. Reconstruction, for example: a repeatable process that can effectively replace damaged or non-existent finger and toenails.

Further beautification
As soon as they consciously start taking better care of their hands, most women and men realise they might want to do something about their arms too. Irregular pigmentation, prominent veins, rashes, so many reasons for insecurity. And, honestly, why would you need an excuse to look your best?

At Beverly Wilshire Medical Centre, we perform a variety of procedures to help you get rid of those minor yet embarrassing imperfections, or modify any disliked physical feature. However, before proceeding, it is advisable to discuss the problem with a professional. Our staff of experts will be glad to answer any question, and sort things out for and with you. Get in touch with us today and feel confident once again.

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