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Popular Male Wedding Procedures

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It’s practically normal that whenever wedding bells are ringing soon, the bride would be the first to plan a host of beautification treatments before the big day arrives. Every woman wants to be a radiant, gorgeous newlywed and believe it or not, the bridegroom is not far behind these days in partaking upon cosmetic procedures to look sparklingly handsome, rivalling in efforts put in by their significant other. Here are some top popular male wedding procedures that are currently trending worldwide: Chin Augmentation There’s been an influx of requests from men wanting a strong chin to accentuate their looks. They feel that having a more masculine jawline would give them a more desirable appearance but most also think that it would give them a more aggressive impression in their workplace, giving more boost to their careers. Some of the most popular chin types requested is Brad Pitt, Johnny Depp, Robert Pattinson and Michael Douglas. Liposuction This is one of the most requested procedures for men before their wedding date. Normally they want to get rid of their love handles, sagging chests or stomach bulges so that they look more fit and desirable in and out of bed; especially in their wedding tux. Some of the most popular male celebrities with body types requested by men are Channing Tatum, Mark Wahlberg, Chris Evans and Ryan Reynolds. Rhinoplasty Many men have been putting off aligning their broken noses sustained from playing sports or mishaps until suddenly when they pop the big question to their other half. So they set forth for a nose procedure to re-correct their flaws by altering their noses to look better. Most men requested for noses belonging to Jude Law, Ben Affleck, Josh Duhamel and Justin Bieber.

Botox, Dermal Filler Bridegrooms also want to look younger when they walk down the wedding aisle and they even know that huge grins and smiles take precedence on that day, so to make sure that their face is not weathered with lines and wrinkles, a quick trip for a Botox or Dermal Fillers are made, to ensure wrinkle-free congratulatory smiles all day. Most men want to emulate facial cheeks such as Leonardo DiCaprio, James Franco, Will Smith and Zac Efron. Hair Transplant Research figures have shown that men who have receding or thinning hair have been opting for hair transplant before their wedding date, choosing to undergo this procedure long beforehand to ensure that there is enough time for their hair to grow fully after the procedure. With more hair, they definitely know that they look better than before that also adds a touch of youth to complement the joyous occasion. Some celebrities known to approach hair transplant as a solution to look finer are Wayne Rooney, Mel Gibson, Elton John and James Nesbitt. Blepharoplasty Just like women, men also shows signs of aging around the eyes and with the phrase “the eyes are the window to the soul”, men also want their brides to look into a fresh pair of rejuvenated eyes, hence upper or lower eyelids are restored through blepharoplasty procedures to minimise lines and wrinkles for a crisp appearance. Some celebrities that injected vibrant vitality with blepharoplasty procedure are Paul McCartney, Kenny Rogers, George Clooney and Tom Cruise. Other Procedures Other popular treatments that bridegrooms-to-be seek are facelifts, male breast reductions and tummy tucks. So if wedding bells are going to ring for you soon and you’re contemplating a makeover for that special occasion, make an appointment with Beverly Wilshire Medical Centre to achieve your goals in looking better!

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