Meet Our Doctors – 8 Interesting Facts about Dr. Nicholas Lim – Beverly Wilshire Medical Centre

Meet Our Doctors – 8 Interesting Facts about Dr. Nicholas Lim

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We’ve decided to kick start the “Meet Our Doctors” Weekly Series with all our Doctors as we believe that as consumers, we are more comfortable walking into a business when you can put a face to a name, and we would like to deliver that to you as our esteemed clientele. This week, we met with Dr. Nicholas Lim, Consultant Aesthetic Physician, who is immensely attracted to what minimally invasive procedures could offer to further enhance the beauty and self-esteem of his patients.

Dr. Nicholas, so tell us how and when did your interest in cosmetic beauty/aesthetic beauty develop?

It started 7 years back, when I completed my service at the government hospital. Having spent most years of service in Orthopaedic Surgery, the prospect of combining art and medical science to deliver aesthetic treatments was very interesting. I was attracted to what minimally invasive procedures could offer to enhance the beauty and self-esteem of patients.

What are your thoughts on seeing the younger generation exploring or enhancing their beauty at a younger age nowadays?

I think young people are bombarded with multiple source of information and finding a way out of the information haze can be quite challenging. At the same time, the world and society have progressed to be more competitive, and having good looks with good attitude and skills definitely gives them an edge over their peers, be it career opportunity or moving up the social ladder. It’s in my opinion, as long as they go about enhancing their beauty in a safe and rational manner under the guidance of registered medical practitioner, it’s fine. It is important to not overdo things. On another note, acne might be something teens struggle with and it can be very frustrating as it causes their confidence and self-esteem to plummet. Therefore, the earlier they start on taking care of their skin, the more they will reap benefits of having better skin health and radiant skin. Taking care of the skin requires a lot of education actually, and I would recommend seeking professional help, to have regular reviews with their doctors.  Perseverance and patience is vital as good skin doesn’t come overnight. Also, cooperating with their doctors will definitely  help them to gradually improve their troubled-skin.

How do you unwind and take your mind off work?

I enjoy playing team sports but it’s much harder to get everyone to play at the same time these days as we all have work and family commitments.  I enjoy learning photography and hitting the gym to maintain my fitness.

Someone whom you admire?

I believe we all have different teachers for different areas of our lives, personal spiritual guru for our spiritual development, and business guru for business. For personal development, I like Robin Sharma and Simon Sinek, I enjoy and learn a lot from their books.

Some advices you’ve received from other doctors in this industry that have impacted you?

Staying humble is one, we all learn from each other. Continuous learning is important. Staying updated with current best practices is vital to stay relevant to the industry. The ultimate aim is for us to deliver the best care that we can at any given circumstances to our patients. We should be diligent in working towards that despite whatever obstacles we may face. We want the patient to receive safe and effective treatment.


Taipei, Taiwan. (August 2016)

If you weren’t a cosmetic/aesthetic doctor, you would be…

I think I would like to become a National Geography photographer. I like to travel and capture the moments in as many culture as I get to see. Photography is my hobby, would like to learn and progress in that during my free time.

Favourite food?

Japanese food. Healthy and clean.

Three things you can’t live without.

  1. Alone time- for my own development, be it spiritual development, personal development, or my own study time.
  2. Family time- I have two kids now, so some time with them is also my go-to.
  3. Opportunity to learn from people better than me- the opportunity to interact or to learn from them, which is where I derive more inspiration and direction in the field that I am in

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