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How to Look Good Naked

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April 18, 2014
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April 25, 2014

Imagine this – you and your man are back at his. Things are starting to heat up. What’s next? Clothing starts to be pulled off. But just before you get stark naked, you look down at your wobbly tummy and rapidly change your mind about the direction of the evening. You mumble your lame excuse, “I forgot to… feed my cat.” And you make a run for it.  So what went wrong? A majority of women and even men nowadays, have the tendency to scrutinize even the slightest flaw with their own bodies. And that perception can massively reduce your self-confidence level, making it more difficult to connect with the people we love. After all, if you don’t believe that you’re worthy of being loved, why would you believe anyone would choose to be with you? Are you annoyed with the acne on your face, shy about your invisible breasts, or are you simply holding onto 10 (perhaps even 20) extra stubborn pounds?  Uh-oh – that’s not a good sign. When you start to doubt the way you look, your confidence level takes a nosedive. Psychology Today tells us that there are ten different ways that self-esteem can affect your romantic relationships, from fantasising about being rescued by a knight in shining armour to sabotaging the relationship to subconsciously prove to yourself how unlovable you are. Some of the more dangerous effects are distancing yourself emotionally and sexually, as the experience just feels uncomfortable, or even settling for the first man who shows you any interest, not caring whether he is satisfying your emotional needs or not. Naturally, when you feel fantastic about your looks, it automatically boosts your confidence levels, which will eventually lead to you emitting a healthy, self-assured glow. That self-confidence means that you have confidence that someone will find you attractive, that you don’t settle for less and that you’re comfortable in your own skin. So now the question is, how do you plan to look (and feel) good naked? Well say you look in the mirror, and you are thinking to yourself, “These breasts are alright, but if only I could have them enlarged just a little bit more, then I’ll be happy!” Why not! Perhaps a little addition to perk it up may just double your fun and happiness! Or…. you see a little extra bit of tummy peeping out from your waistline, trying to say hello to the world, and you just want it to stick its nosy nose back in! What could you consider? A tummy tuck. Really, there is absolutely nothing wrong in trying to feel the best you can about the way you look, taking charge of your self-confidence and its effect on your relationships, rather than letting a lack of self-esteem rule you. Why wait? Life’s too short!

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