Having seen all the Korean beauties making their mark in the entertainment industry (especially K-Dramas) where their flawless skin is always the topic of conversation among the media and public, who wouldn’t want to own an alabaster white supple dewy skin like the Korean women? Korean women think that radiant, flawless and very healthy skin is a sign of true beauty. Originating historically for centuries, royal and noble classes never ventured outside especially under the sun so they had translucent porcelain skin which denotes their status. Acquiring that dream complexion takes a little discipline that have been instilled in Korean women instinctually, that is, they consider taking care of their complexion the greatest investment of their life. Koreans are really serious about their skincare regime besides being willing to spend a fair amount on beauty products, plus they also carve out necessary time to care for their skin. We all have our own skincare routine, so let’s see if we can learn some Korean skincare secrets that have us all hooked on their wonderful flawless skin: Double Cleanse Koreans practice double cleansing as they believe thorough cleansing is the key to radiant skin. They first remove their BB cream, blush with cleansing oil to draw out skin impurities while eye makeup is removed with a liquid remover. Lukewarm water is then used to wash face. Next, without rubbing their skin, they clean their pre-cleansed skin with a mild cream or foaming cleanser using circular motion with their fingertips. Exfoliate & Tone Koreans get their smooth skin by removing a layer of dead skin cells through periodic exfoliation focusing only on areas that require attention, such as visible pores or blackheads. They also exfoliate their lips for that clear pink layer. Next, they tighten up their skin using a non-alcohol mild clarifying toner that soothes and restores skin’s pH balance. This prepares the skin for makeup while removing all traces of residue. Essence Up Koreans are very dedicated to applying essence or serum after cleansing their face. They rely on the nourishing liquid concentrate to firm up and renew skin cells helping them to attain a sculpted look with a radiant complexion. They apply by spraying the liquid onto the face and tapping on it until it is absorbed. Ampoule Power To address skin’s collagen loss and wrinkles formation, Koreans apply an ampoule of skin vitamin essence to empower solutions to diminishing skin elasticity, uneven skin tone and dull skin. You need to add this to your usual skincare routine if you want your skin repaired continuously. Keep It Moisturised The way Koreans apply their skincare is very crucial to achieving flawless, luminous skin – so take heed. When applying eye cream, do not pinch or pull the skin. Tap it. This prevents the formation of fine lines. Moisturiser is massaged into the face with fingertips to promote circulation and they prefer moisturisers that are light weight so that it absorbs into the skin quickly without any greasy feel. Night cream is also applied nightly to lock in moisture so that upon waking up, the skin looks fresh and beautiful. And they never neglect the neck area when applying skincare. Facial Mask Sheets Another important routine that Korean ladies love to practice is by using facial mask sheets twice a week for effective results. Most Korean women focus on treatments specialised on fighting wrinkles such as collagen and hyaluronic acid ingredients. During weekends, they usually incorporate a facial massage into their schedule in order to improve blood circulation in the face to induce that renowned healthy glow. The key to Korean beauty Remember, the key to a perfect flawless complexion that Koreans possess is Less Makeup and More Skincare. Beverly Wilshire Medical Centre can guide you through at achieving that flawless Korean complexion coveted by women around the world. Simply enquire or make an appointment with us to rival your skin with a K-beauty!