Self-esteem certainly is a delicate matter. A lack of it can seriously affect day-to-day life, distressing thoughts and actions, resulting in lower overall happiness. This can result in a very unfair, vicious cycle, as every mistake we make brings up another fear or sadness; every failure adds up to form a complex and global misery. But do not despair, it gets better. Apart from some real-life movie villains, evil to the core, we all deserve happiness. That is why this article will address three understandings you should always keep in mind when you’re feeling down, and share with anyone who is having a hard time. Self-perception can be very different from how others see you shutterstock_263134712 “The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence.” In other words, whatever things you might dislike or think about yourself, the world has a very different impression of you. And for people who tend to feel insecure, the external representation is often much higher than their own! Whenever you accentuate the negatives in your head, they might see mostly positives. If you are friendly, the first thing they will tell someone else is: she seemed so nice, he is a good guy, very friendly, and such a nice smile! To err is human shutterstock_266721317 We all make mistakes. You might have the feeling that you, more often than not, say something dumb, forget someone’s name, trip over a stone, etc. The truth is, we all have got our personal flaws, we all know some awkward moments we go through every week. As they say, the most important thing is, to learn from your mistakes. What other people see when you do something wrong is that you’re a fellow human being, just like the rest of us. If they feel close enough to gently make fun of you, try not to see it as a rejection, but more as acceptance. If possible, try to laugh with them, allow yourself to make fun of your mistake and take responsibility. Ever seen someone confident ashamed of falling on their face? No, because they laugh it off. You are not alone shutterstock_391579414 Whatever insecurity it is that you harbour, chances are millions of people all over the world experience the same. Often we forget in our despair that our planet Earth inhabits more than 7 billion people. This also means that if you actually do want to talk to someone, there will always be someone among the people you have met who had or experience something similar. Please do not hesitate to consider looking around you, to see if someone you know can help or be helped out! Alternatives shutterstock_317573531 If most of your uncertainties come from your body image, it might be an idea to consider cosmetic procedures. Possibilities are endless nowadays, ranging from retouches to the face, body, stomach and private parts. At Beverly Wilshire Medical Centre, expert staff and skilled surgeons are open to any enquiries or consultations. One certainty is if there is such a thing as the vicious circle of low self-esteem and unhappiness, there is also a virtuous circle. If you know a cosmetic makeover will give you the confidence boost of a lifetime, don’t hesitate and make an appointment right now!