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Foods That Revamp Your Skin For A Blooming New Year

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There have been many moments of guilt whenever we binge recklessly on food, downing as many cans of sugary soft drinks or desserts whenever the urge hits. Fried, oily, cheesy foods are comfort foods to many of us and there’s no denying when offered, we can’t resist snacking on it, like a fish lured by the bait. The end result: either you pile on the pounds which will show on your body or your skin starts to dull and blemishes appear to stay on permanently. If the latter seems to be the problem, fear not, for we have a solution that just might give your skin a turnaround and you might even be on time to show off that glowing radiance for this coming festivities. Short of relying solely on skincare and cosmetics to counter the effects of bad food binging, why not opt for a long-term solution that just requires a little adjustment to your daily diet which will work wonders on your skin in the long run, plus a healthy body too. You are what you eat and that’s true, so to achieve skin radiance, you’ll need to consume skin-friendly foods that’ll bring you a step closer to your goal. Food experts and dermatologists agree that great skin begins from the inside. Start overhauling your menu this instant and get out of your skin rut. Power up your meals with:

  1. Seaweed

shutterstock_347754608 Seaweed is a dime a dozen in most Asian countries, found in most hawker fares like stir-fries, soups and the ever popular sushi dishes. Add this marine sustenance to your menu because once eaten, its properties such as lignans and fucoidan will convert into anti-inflammatory phytoestrogens which may lower breast cancer risks (a boon to health) although what we are interested in are the beautifying advantages of its high supply of B-vitamins that boosts your adrenal glands – helping to combat fatigue, sallow complexion and soothe skin rashes caused by stress.

  1. Tea

shutterstock_288413123 Any type of tea is great for your skin; just make sure that it’s freshly brewed for maximum effect. Currently popular, the green tea possesses potent polyphenols that acts as antioxidants to counteract harmful sun radiation, adding on to the role of daily natural sunscreen for your body. However, it’s not enough to protect your skin, so please do apply sunscreen before going out under the sun. Green tea, also fondly known as “matcha”, contains anti-inflammatory benefits (which may reduce skin cancer), antioxidants to tackle skin problems such as spots, sagging and puffy conditions. If possible, consume tea without sugar to get maximum nourishment from a cuppa!

  1. Seed Oils

shutterstock_74196532 Yes, oils from seed are good for you. For example, oils from flaxseed and nuts contain essential fatty acids (Omega 3 and Omega 6) that have high cosmetic value. Acting like skin lubrication, the fatty acids rejuvenates skin by improving skin cells to absorb more moisture and retain hydration. Your shopping trolley should be filled with top-notch dressing oils preferably cold-pressed because these oils retain all of their essential fatty goodness that can work wonders on your skin not just providing a balanced diet.

  1. Water

shutterstock_146471507 (1) Gulping down eight glasses of water a day advice shouldn’t be cast in stone because some petite people may find it hard to drink up that many glasses of water. A good way of achieving that quota is to “eat” your water. Include juicy foods into your menu to work towards your daily required intake. Try water-abundant veggies such as eggplants, cucumbers, tomatoes or melons that will hydrate the skin and effectively flush out toxins, keeping your complexion clear and quenched.

  1. Honey

shutterstock_104941274 Switching your daily sugar intake with honey is another method to enhance your skin condition as honey is the superfood that contains tons of antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory that’s a widespread remedy for pimples and blemishes. Many women have been using honey for DIY face mask and that should say something about the amazing benefits of ingesting honey internally besides being renowned as nature’s energy booster. Need more help in revamping your skin? There’s no denying that sometimes practicing a good diet alone can’t achieve what you want for your skin. At that point of time, if all else fails, don’t be disappointed by the lack of skin improvement. Instead, consider aesthetic help which could be acquired from Beverly Wilshire Medical Centre. Visit or call us for an appointment and get a detailed skin analysis and consultation to help you attain your best skin condition at all times!

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