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Five Habits of Extremely Stylish People

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If you think that being stylish is all about buying really expensive clothes or accessories and simply wearing it, you’d better think twice. It takes more than just those basics to achieve a natural and genuine style. Have you ever wondered why some people seem so stylish, fitting right into the environment wherever they go regardless of casual or formal? There’s definitely a secret for standing out among the crowds, exuding elegance and confidence wherever you are, just pick up these five habits of extremely stylish people: 1. Plan outfit in advance shutterstock_264819473 Stylish people don’t leave anything to chance. The secret to looking amazing all day is a little planning. Highly stylish people prepare their outfit the night before so that their choice is accurate and they don’t run the risk of waking up late to glide on random, shabby combinations. Usually allocating extra time in the morning to do everything without rush; they have breakfast, fix their hair, dress and put on makeup carefully before they step out of their door. 2. Have a versatile wardrobe shutterstock_158597639 What distinguishes highly stylish people from common people is that they master the art of knowing how to dress on different occasions. Their wardrobe is varied and has everything one can need for the many situations that might occur, including ultra-last-minutes dates or events. Just keep this advice in mind from the great fashion icon, Karl Lagerfeld – “One is never over-dressed or under-dressed with a little black dress”. 3. Own what they wear shutterstock_300405746 No matter if it’s a black dress, formal suit or sweatpants that they put on, these stylish people own it. That’s because of one characteristic that they possess – a good dose of confidence. They also know how to maintain their personality and reflect it in their looks; one of the reasons why they succeed in dressing stylishly. They dress for themselves, not with the intention of standing out in the spotlight. 4. Don’t pay attention to labels shutterstock_139125599 Another element stylish people share is mixing high and low fashion items as well as vintage and modern pieces. To be ‘a la mode’ they don’t show off branded clothes, instead they have genuine fashion sense, being able to cook a look with style using any outfit from any shop. They also realise that the right accessory can change a whole look as well as when it comes to style, sometimes less is more. 5. Take risks shutterstock_360044810 Fashionable people know what’s in vogue and keep an eye on every new trend coming up. However, stylish people mix trends and follow their own rules, wearing what makes them feel and look good. Everything for them can turn into an inspiration source: buildings, food, paintings, random objects, and people. Yes, the fashion side of their brains can activate with anything but the one sure thing that they don’t do is copying trends. You’ll never see them wearing what models in the latest runways had on; they usually take risks and tend to have a signature, being that of a colour, a favourite cut or a piece they can’t live without. Styling yourself with confidence Many would agree that one is being born with a sense of style but others believe that style is something that can be grasped along the way. However, there’s no doubt that stylish people ooze an abundance of confidence. At Beverly Wilshire Medical Centre, we believe that if you feel good about yourself, your confidence level actually spikes up. If improving your exterior appearance is something you’ve wanted to do to boost your self-esteem, then make an appointment with our specialists today and get the comprehensive consultation you need to makeover for a better, stylish image of yourself!

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