‘What a strange thing man is; and what a stranger thing woman.’ Most likely every gentleman reading those words will agree with them. As a member of the fairer sex myself, I perfectly know how moody girls can be: getting mad from nowhere, crying out of joy, saying ‘yes’ while actually meaning ‘no.’ Women are hard to understand; and perhaps the most difficult aspect to figure out is what we seek in a partner. Hopefully, this article will help the gents grasp that facet. Masculine and feminine traits shutterstock_155880998 Women like masculine men, someone who can protect and keep them safe. Of course, with the term ‘masculinity’ I am not referring to the look, but to a disposition: passion, confidence and independence are the most important features. Somebody deeply passionate about something is very attractive; an independent and confident man, who can take care of himself and does not mind what others think of him, is fascinating. And let’s not forget honesty: having the courage to say the truth, not just what she wants to hear, makes all the difference. Nonetheless, feminine traits are pivotal too. Emotional intelligence, for instance. When a guy is capable of understanding his girl’s feelings, he is a keeper. And the bond can only grow stronger. Moreover, weaknesses. We appreciate a boyfriend who can admit his frailty. It makes you look human and more approachable. Romance, listening, humour and appearance shutterstock_342404369 You could see this coming, right? Being romantic is all about the little things: flowers and chocolate, a special dinner, a bath with a glass of wine. Listening is more than just nodding; it requires an open attitude, the will to ask questions and respond extensively and appropriately. Sense of humour is… well, just make her laugh. As for appearance, we adore good posture. Therefore, straighten up, shoulders back and head high. Remember to groom yourself: not just the basics, such as shaving, showering and hairdo, but put a good perfume on and, please, clip and clean you nails! Your date will definitely appreciate it. Muscles help as well: not that every girl is looking for the next Hulk Hogan, a toned body is more than enough. And flat stomach. Show her that you are not a dude who sits around drinking beer all day long, but an active human being. No need for an 8-pack; a slim, defined belly will do. Also, height. Women love tall men, taller than them. It makes for a feeling of protection and safety. The above do not apply to those who have been blessed with beautiful, expressive eyes in which to get literally lost. They can really tell a lot about the person you are, and the person we are. After all, ‘the eyes are the mirror of the soul and reflect everything that seems to be hidden; and like a mirror, they also reflect the person looking into them.’ So, make eye contact: if a man wants to be noticed by a woman, he will have to glance at her first, then smile and look away. That is how you play the game. For everything there is a solution Although it may be true that good-looking guys get more attention, do not stress yourself over appearance; if the inside does not match the outside, women will irrevocably drift away. Nevertheless, should you suffer from insecurity, remember that improving disliked physical features goes a long way towards boosting your ego. A lack of self-confidence is like a screen that blurs inner beauty. In that regard, Beverly Wilshire, a medical centre located in Malaysia that offers a wide range of procedures to get rid of imperfections, may be the answer. Discuss your problem with our expert staff. Book an appointment to find help.