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Bond Girls: 60+Years of Timeless Beauty

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With every new instalment of the world’s most acclaimed spy series, two announcements are awaited with trepidation: who is going to play agent 007, followed right after by who is going to be the next bond girl. Although the female characters are mostly known for their eye-popping qualities, they are in fact an inspiring symbol of audacity and inner strength. This article wants to be a tribute to five of those incredible actresses, and their aliases, without whom the movies would have never met the enormous success they have been blessed with; five femmes fatales who made a strong impression even on James Bond himself.

1. Denise Richards in the role of Dr Christmas Jones
An American nuclear physicist assisting 007 during his mission. The actress stated that she liked the part because of its ‘brainy,’ ‘athletic’ nature and ‘depth of character, in contrast to bond girls from previous decades.’ And we totally agree.

2. Halle Berry in the role of Giacinta ‘Jinx’ Johnson
Nicknamed Jinx for being born on Friday the 13th, this woman is all but clumsy. Not only does Halle look absolutely badass, she also proves to be extremely useful and a skilled fighter.

3. Michelle Yeoh in the role of Wai Lin
The charming Chinese-Malaysian actress plays a spy and martial artist, the only bond girl who would be able to defeat the agent in a one-on-one fight.

4. Léa Seydoux in the role of Dr Madeleine Swann
A highly educated psychologist equal to Bond in combat and intellect, she chooses to walk away from the British spy and his life of violence and chaos. Such strength and will cannot be forgotten.

5. Olga Kurylenko in the role of Camille Montes
The very first character not to sleep with agent 007. Just like Ursula Andress in Dr No, she is on a quest for revenge. She single-handedly kills her target near the end of the film, and sends James Bond off with a kiss.

When dreams come true
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