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Back-To-School Cosmetic Surgery: Should Teens Get It?

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Once upon a time, the only things teens would bring back to school were that fancy dear old notebooks and pens. As time passed by, this is no longer the scenario as more and more teens, besides showing off new clothes and stylish haircuts are bringing back a new-self. Semester holidays is indeed approaching soon and, according to experts – that’s when teens who are considering a cosmetic procedure actually choose to take that step and make use of improving their looks. This is because being on holiday allows them the time they need to perfectly recover before returning to school with a better exterior aspect. More and more teenagers aren’t turned off with surgery and have no problems admitting that they would totally retouch their bodies despite their young age. Popular cosmetic procedures among adolescents shutterstock_77750215 Now, you might be wondering, what would they do? The most popular practices among teens remain rhinoplasty, breast reduction, eyelids, dimples and correction of prominent ears, acne and scars. However, other more extreme interventions raised curiosity thanks to celebrities and publicity medias. Starting from overseas, after a 17-year-old Kylie Jenner admitted the work done on her lips during an episode of the popular show Keeping Up With The Kardashians, teens all over the world started to wonder how lip filling works and began to yearn for bigger lips. Last year, headlines of various Asian news websites showed a 15-year-old Chinese girl who looks like a Barbie doll due to the numerous plastic surgeries she went through; she got an incredible number of followers on social media who wished to look like her. Not to mention the raising number of girls who strive for K-pop girls’ features like v-line faces, double eyelids and bigger breasts. But the absolute latest trend among teenagers is getting genital cosmetic surgery. Yes, nowadays more and more young girls are looking forward to trimming their labia! To get it or not? shutterstock_99042647 When it comes to whether it is reasonable to go for cosmetic procedures at such young age, the answer cannot be either black or white as there’s a lot at stake in between. First of all, we need to understand the real motivation factors that make a teen decide to undergo cosmetic surgery. Why do they want to do it? The majority does it to improve those flaws they cannot hide and fit in better with peers; what they majorly seek from the intervention is more self-esteem and confidence. In some cases, it is inevitable to intervene for a person’s future health and wellness but in some other cases, it only regards a whim to satisfy. Therefore, it is essential for the teenager’s parents to research deeply into the origins of the decision. Do they want cosmetic surgery to quell feelings of insecurity, or feelings of inadequacy? How much can this perception influence their daily lives? A surgery can definitely change their appearance, gives them a new nose or bigger boobs but, will it ensure the satisfaction over their insecurities and what simmers inside them? If, after evaluating the case and all the risks and consequences it might involve, you as a parent decide to give your consensus, then the next logical step would be to consult with an expert. When it comes to teens in fact, not every procedure suits everyone and that’s where Beverly Wilshire Medical Centre’s skilled and experienced surgeons come into play, to guide potential candidates towards the final step of decision making. Make your appointment now to consult on your uncertainties and we will be glad to provide you with a professional consultation to allay your worries and questions on your intended decisions.

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