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7 Ways To Start Your Morning Feeling Fresh And Beautiful

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Most of us are not morning people and we know how rushed mornings could be especially when we have to juggle career with family and kids. Do you often wonder how your friends or workmates come into the office looking fresh and beautiful while you’re trying not to look tired or hassled? It’s all about inculcating a few habits in your morning routine and you’ll be looking fresh and beautiful no matter what’s on your daily schedule. Once you get into the habit, you’ll be reaping in the benefits all day long while finding it faster and easier to get the habitual tasks done. Starting tomorrow, you can include these 7 proven ways to get you looking your possible best every morning:

  1. Spray on chilled water

shutterstock_178562792 Keep a spray bottle of water in the fridge and mist it on your face when you wake up in the mornings. It can be a lifesaver remedy for puffiness on your face or under eyes. The chilly water temperature will defy dullness, help you wake up, add on a healthier and fresher look in the mornings.

  1. Apply an anti-oxidant serum

shutterstock_225318025 This is a very important habit that you should practice because this act will help you retain your youthful looks in the years to come. So if you want to retain a rejuvenated appearance as you get older, apply an anti-oxidant serum as part of your morning skincare routine. The serum will help you fight against free radicals, lines, wrinkles, age spots as well as cancerous cells besides providing fresh looks every morning.

  1. Shield your skin

shutterstock_63014551 This goes without saying, always protect your skin from the sun. From wearing covered clothes, hats and using umbrellas, your first line of defence against the sun should be a sunscreen with at least SPF 15. This helps prevent skin cancer and also delays the effect of aging, contributing to your youthful appearance every morning.

  1. Hydrate your body

shutterstock_131075399 When you sleep according to the recommended 8 hours, dehydration has already occurred in your body because there’s no water intake during then. So it makes sense that when you wake up, start your day with a glass of water. You’ll feel instant body hydration that’ll firm and tone up your skin as well as improve your mood which lends a big hand at feeling good in the mornings.

  1. Include protein in your breakfast

shutterstock_116434738 According to research, women who partake in a protein-packed breakfast often make better decisions later in the day. On the plus side, consuming protein-based food helps keep your weight down while providing radiant skin. Try adding eggs or yogurt to your breakfast menu or better yet, prepare a milkshake to go.

  1. Green tea boost

shutterstock_301981889 Switch your coffee or other caffeine drinks in the morning to green tea. Why? Because green tea is super concentrated with anti-oxidants that works very well in slowing cell damage, therefore it’s a big fat reason to drink it every morning so that you’ll remain youthful at all times. If you must have coffee every morning, drink it after consuming the tea. With the green tea’s anti-aging properties, you’ll be more beautiful every morning.

  1. Re-schedule your exercise regime to mornings

shutterstock_155565968 It’s great if you incorporate a workout regimen but if you do it in the evenings after work, consider re-scheduling it to mornings where you’ll be more energetic and motivated to exercise without risking having to skip it because you’re too tired or out of energy at the end of the day. After working out in the mornings, you’ll attain a good blood circulation and that easily explains why your body gets more gorgeous and your skin more radiant. Minimal effort, fantastic results Incorporate a few of these habits into your morning routine and you’ll begin accumulating the rewards of looking and feeling better than before. However, even after committing towards these few simple habits and you have yet to achieve the desired body shape or the glowing skin, set an appointment with Beverly Wilshire Medical Centre for a complete makeover where our skilled surgeons and aestheticians will be at hand to offer customised solutions to suit your individual needs.

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