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10 Celebrity Men Who Had Hair Transplant

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November 10, 2014
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December 4, 2014

There’s nothing to be ashamed of if you’re a good looking young man with thinning hair problems. You’re not alone as plenty of men lose their hair in their 20s and 30s, the prime of their life and you know what? Male pattern baldness is not even a sign of old age! Facing this problem head on, lots of guys choose to wear their bald head proudly but if it’s not the look you want, you shouldn’t feel embarrassed about taking advantage of other options. Famous men celebrities have been known to have had hair transplants and why not? After all, on stage or on screen, they have to work at looking good for their job. These high profile men represent a growing number who are talking publicly about their choice of hair transplants. Here are ten men celebs that have had hair transplants. 1. Wayne Rooney 23ROONEYHAIR2               4720101251_8466099c6d_b Before                                                     After English footballer Wayne Rooney was going bald at the age of 25. Suddenly he tweeted to his followers to confirm he had a hair transplant. He expressed that he was delighted with the result and although he was a bit bruised and swollen, he tweeted to his fans that they would be the first to see his new hair-do and playfully asked for a good hair gel recommendation. What a refreshing attitude for a rich young guy that takes action into his own hands. Way to go Wayne! 2. Matthew McConaughey _486051_release300               Matthew-McConaughey2  Before                                                     After People’s Magazine voted him the sexiest man alive in 2005 and this hunk is renowned for showing off his buff body, going shirtless most of the time. To keep up with looking his best, he had his thinning hair filled in; although we think he looked great either way. If a hunk like Matthew McConaughey doesn’t mind hair transplant, what have you got to lose? 3. Elton John Eltons-Real-Hair               5641858665_8e63afa9b5_z Before                                                     After Sir Elton John could be said to be a hair transplant pioneer as his hair started thinning back in the early 70s. Always in the spotlight, the super star was one of the first really famous people to get a hair transplant, the change being obvious that there’s no denying it. 4. Mel Gibson  mel-gibson-mens-very-short-hair_fs               4829792485_de6d8429fa_z Before                                                    After Elizabeth Taylor had praised his movie star looks of piercing blue eyes, rugged and chiseled features coupled with his intense acting capabilities which led Mel Gibson listed as People’s sexiest man alive in 1985 and 50 most beautiful people. Having being a big box office draw for decades, his hairline which had been receding around 2006, have crept forward and his thinning hair on top turned thick and lush. Inside sources confirmed his hair transplant and said that he was very happy with his new look. 5. Dennis Miller dennismillerhairtransplant01                24452014_a384c07425_z Before                                                       After American TV & Radio personality Dennis Miller has been very forthright about his hair transplant saying that he had done a couple of procedures before 2004. Apparently, he took action before waiting for his hair to get too thin and the result was he never went bald. Instead, he’s sporting lush, natural-looking hair. 6. Bono  Bono-hair-loss               Bono Vox (U2) Toronto Int. Film Festival 2011 1523 Before                                                    After The U2 frontman was nearly on the verge of having no hair but Bono was able to deal with his thinning hair like any other celebrity would – he went for an awesome hair transplant! Now he’s got a perfect head of hair to vow his music fans and government officials at charity events. 7. James Nesbitt 2662495357_2d0fca63f5_z              article-1195901-0573B7B0000005DC-317_224x423  Before                                                    After The charming Irish actor playing a hard-boiled detective in Murphy’s Law had his hair loss issues played out in the public eye but he had always been open and honest about addressing the problem with hair transplant. Amused at the attention given to his hair, he’s made a promotional film for the clinic where he had the hair transplant. He quoted that his hair restoration has changed his life and he credits it for boosting his career. 8. David Beckham 2013-11-13-beckhamBIG3108_468x658               4409337886_6b6d2d7524_z Before                                                     After   Another football hottie that spends his days hanging out with his stylish wife, Posh Spice and being the body frame for exclusive luxury clothes label besides kicking around soccer balls. Being super busy with these activities caused his hairline to recede whose hair was once so revered. His super defense? A hair transplant. Which looks great, by the way. 9. Salman Khan  salmon-khan-before-transplant               11287713304_cea12a7df8_z Before                                                    After No one could forget this Bollywood superstar’s good looks with his beautiful hair. To continue capturing his legion of fans, he addressed his baldness with a hair transplant and presto! He’s returned to his full glory with his precious mane as he continues to wow his audiences. 10. Robbie Williams 31243_1               Robbie-Williams-attends-The-Q-Awards  Before                                                     After Former UK boy band member Robbie Williams became a solo superstar on his own, sporting a bad-boy image that transcended him into a sex symbol, that is, until he reached his forties with thinning hair. To maintain his male magnetism, he made sure to keep his hair growing with a transplant. Now nobody seems to realize that he once was going bald. No Shame At Looking Your Best It goes to show that today’s men (yes, even those in the limelight) are willing to talk about their hair loss. There’s no shame in wanting to look your best. After all, losing your hair is not a personal failure. There is nothing you can do with inherited genes but then you can always do something with your hair loss.

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