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10 Celebrities Struggling With Bad Acne

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If ever in your lifetime, you’ve had the misery of experiencing acne – yes, the dreaded word that has everyone in the world cringing with fright and there is no escape for any man or woman; be it commoners on the streets or high profile stars in the glitz and glamour world – you’ll understand that having acne is one of the most irritating and emotionally draining event of your life that you fervently wished it had never happened. Acne has been known to arise from hormonal imbalance during adolescence or genetics that is sadly beyond our control. Those blessed mortals who passed by their puberty phase without being onslaught with acne tribulations, you should thank your lucky stars. However, you should beware that acne can also appear during adulthood and for those unable to escape from the clutches of acne, you can feel better that even celebrities are not spared from this predicament. You’d never know through the parade of fashionable clothes and perfect makeup that some celebrities are still struggling with acne. Here are 10 celebs that have to go out even with a face full of flaws: 1. Beyonce

Some days are just rough for this sensational singing diva that’s been battling with acne on and off and her pimply, uneven skin has even been the talk of Tinsel town since her leaked unretouched photos of her L’oreal cosmetic campaign were circulated on the Internet. 2. Cameron Diaz Cameron Diaz is a fine example of how adult acne can stress a person that’s been known to project a hot, beautiful woman that’s been admired by the world. She described how she struggled with acne and coping with it her whole life in her new book. 3. Justin Bieber His ever popular mugshot for a DUI arrest had people gawking at his photo commenting about the poor quality of his skin, showcasing more than one blemish rather than focusing about his misdemeanour. Seriously, with his partying, negative press and being a typical teenager, the world may never know what’s causing Bieber’s breakout. 4. Rihanna Another Hollywood sensation reflecting a not-so-perfect skin with a perfect body, Rihanna is juggling with acne problems here and there, presumably caused by too much stress, tons of makeup and jet setting with not enough sleep. This young starlet may yet have a chance to win this battle in the future. 5. Jessica Simpson This pop singer never tried hiding her acne problems, in fact, Jessica Simpson admitted struggling with serious cystic acne problems. She tried seeking help from a dermatologist which she claimed had relieved her symptom a lot. 6. Victoria Beckham This Posh Spice was once referred to as “Spotty Spice” as Victoria Beckham went through a problematic acne phase that left her with pockmarks and psychological scars causing stress and anxiety. This stylish icon is living proof that seeking the help of a dermatologist helped achieved a flawless skin she has today. 7. Britney Spears This mega-pop star has been plagued with chronic adult acne since her singing debut but Britney Spears turned to a professional dermatologist to overcome her problem besides going on a sugar-free diet to avoid aggravating skin reaction. 8. Brad Pitt Voted as one of the sexiest men alive, Brad Pitt shocked fans that he isn’t perfect either with flaws of his acne scars caused while he was going through puberty. Although his acne is long gone, he still has the scars to contend with. Even after Dermabrasion, close-up view of this accomplished actor could sometimes be less-than-perfect. 9. Jessica Alba Jessica Alba had acne problems during her pregnancy which marred her all-the-while perfect skin, giving her bad skin days that she felt like hiding from everyone. The Latino actress has since then combated the acne affliction with facial therapy sessions to plump and smooth out her skin. 10. Alicia Keys This R&B singer is experiencing the blues right now as she had her current acne problems intensified during her pregnancy. She had always tried hiding her flaws but rarely succeeding and we’re not sure how she deals with it as she’s not too open about her spotty problems. Dealing with those pesky pimples So if you’re currently experiencing acne on your face, imagine the disastrous feeling that a celebrity has to go through when facing cameras and publicity devices that shows the whole world your bad skin. Short of pulling a bag over their heads and scrambling for last-minute anti-acne skincare regimen, most of them have chosen a practical treatment approach by undergoing aesthetic procedures targeted to minimize and eventually clear their acne-ridden skin. If you don’t want to be hampered by feelings of sadness and embarrassment caused by your acne any longer, take prompt corrective action and consult with our skilled aestheticians so that we can identify the best solution customised to restore the best health to your skin.

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