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Non-Surgical Nose Reshaping


Decades ago, if you wanted a taller, straighter, smaller nose, you can consider a rhinoplasty (commonly called nose job), and that’s it, no other options.

Nowadays, with the rise of cosmetic injectables and thread lifting, you can transform your entire profile within 30 minutes. It’s called non-surgical nose reshaping, non-surgical nose job, or more commonly, lunchtime nose job.

If you’re considering a nose job but want to take a less permanent (and no downtime) option, this might be for you.

Other reasons to consider non-surgical nose reshaping: :

  •  You’re born with defects, involved in an accident, or aging has taken its toll on your face.
  • You can’t help but feeling self-conscious and it’s affecting your self-esteem.
  • You want to get an idea of what you’d look like if you go for rhinoplasty, a surgical procedure with permanent results (and longer downtime).

Non-Surgical Nose Reshaping


Threads provide an immediate repositioning of your facial tissue and promote gradual regeneration of collagen. In short, your features are enhanced but you still look like yourself. The threads we use are made of absorbable and biocompatible components, and has been used as suture materials in cardiovascular surgeries for many years.


Fillers can plump up thin lip and sunken cheeks, soften facial creases and create a more youthful profile. Fillers can be used to sculpt the nose as well, such as sharper nose bridge and raised nose tip. We host various brands of fillers made of hyaluronic acid and/or collagen, which are compatible with your body.


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