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Acne may be one of the most common skin conditions known. While most likely found on teenagers’ and young adults’ skin, acne is not a condition that is confined only to youngsters, as many people still struggle with acne well into their adult life.

While many view acne mainly as a cosmetic issue, it tends to be far more than that. Some people who face serious acne may also experience self esteem issues, simply because heavy acne is considered by many to be unattractive. If not taken care of properly, acne leaves not only aesthetic scars, but emotional and psychological ones as well.

The environment that we live in is full of all sorts of bacteria that can cause acne. More specifically, the bacteria that causes acne is called Propionibacterium acnes, which is also known as P.acnes.

As of this modern day and age, there are several treatment options when it comes to acne. One of the most well known and effective acne treatments in Malaysia is Omnilux™ Blue.

Omnilux™ Blue is specifically designed to target the naturally occurring photosensitiser known as Coproporphyrin III, which is found in the P.acnes bacteria. A form of blue light therapy, the blue light activates the targeted photosensitiser, causing it to produce singlet oxygen that leads to swift elimination of the P.acnes bacteria.

Operated by our trained professionals, the area of illumination, as well as the shape of the light of the Omnilux™ Blue can be controlled to ensure that the entire treatment area receives the required dose of light.

The natural blue light 408nm therapy of the Omnilux™ Blue destroys the bacteria on the skin that causes acne, providing a safe and effective method of eliminating and preventing acne. An excellent acne-buster, Omnilux™ Blue treatment is highly recommended for individuals with stubborn or heavily recurring acne problems.

Always ready to help, the professionals at Beverly Wilshire Medical Centre will carry out a detailed consultation session prior to the treatment and guide you through the entire process, step by step.


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