Fraxel Restore Dual is a non-ablative fractional laser therapy that provides a spectrum of treatment options to address all forms of aging. It is the perfect solution for those who want to achieve a traditional face-lift that results in radiant and younger looking skin without any surgical options.

This Fraxel Laser treatment helps rejuvenate the skin to diminish fine lines, wrinkles, scars and dark spots with the non-ablative fractionated laser that stimulates collagen growth in the skin. Done in a series of treatments, no open wound is created, thus resulting in a faster recovery period with very little downtime for patients. What appear as tiny pixilated pinpricks on the skin after treatment quickly fade away to display a fresh, glowing, luminous skin within the next following weeks.

The Erbium laser Beverly Wilshire uses in Kuala Lumpur improves various skin concerns, while the new addition of the Thulium laser with 1927nm wavelength combats pigmentation and textural problems with a few treatment sessions. Consider this like a complete overhaul to uncover the youthfulness of your skin that remains below the epidermal layer.

The Fraxel Restore Dual system is highly effective to eradicate stubborn skin like brown spots and excessive pigmentation. Additionally, it does not only focus on smaller areas like the face, but also provides good results for large body areas during a single treatment. Targeted large areas include back, arms, legs and chest.

Make your enquiry with Beverly Wilshire Medical Centre today for a consultation with our aesthetic therapists who can assess the quality and severity of your skin concerns prior to making a decision for Fraxel Laser treatment.


  • Mild to moderate skin damage
  • Melasma
  • Dull and uneven skin tone
  • Stretch marks
  • Acne scars
  • Enlarged pores
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