An unparalleled, non-invasive treatment that utilises patented innovative technology, fat-busting Exilis melts away fat deposits and tightens the skin surface effectively without the need of any surgical procedure. How does the Exilis treatment works? Through the use of external radiofrequency applicator consisting of highly controlled heat and ultrasound, the applicator is applied onto the concerned area back and forth repeatedly. As the machine head is glided over the skin, the high temperature heat produced is penetrated deep into the subcutaneous fat which ultimately destroys stubborn fat cells.

The oscillating electrical current heats up the skin and soft tissue, stimulating collagen and increasing metabolism of the targeted zones. Through Exilis face treatment, it liquefies fat cells which are then naturally flushed from the body, resulting in firmer skin.

The biggest advantage of this groundbreaking system is that these fat cells do not return once treated, therefore offering you a long term solution to customisable body sculpting. As a result, any area of unwanted fat on the body can be figure-shaped and contoured to your desire. The most popular treatment areas are the abdomen, thighs, hips, arms, neck and “love handles”.

Exilis in Beverly Wilshire Medical Centre is completely non-invasive and does not have any downtime, whereby you can carry on with your day’s activities immediately following the treatment. Four to six sessions are recommended to achieve optimum results of younger, refreshed look of a defined jaw and a slimmer figure. This exclusive treatment is recommended by our experts for anyone who desires cosmetic improvement in areas that show signs of aging and an unhealthy lifestyle.

Get yourself a consultation today with our highly experienced aesthetic specialists, to get a full assessment before you make a wise decision on undergoing the Exilis fat reduction treatment.


  • Facial sculpting and shaping
  • Sagging skin
  • Double chin
  • Wrinkles
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