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Surgery: Talking Money

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April 11, 2013
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April 20, 2013

One of the first questions one makes when evaluating the decision on a plastic surgery procedure, is “how much will it cost”. The tricky thing is, the cost depends not only on the type of procedure and its complexity, but also on the doctor, medical center and geo-location where one plans to have surgery. And if getting a quotation can be relatively simple, evaluating on the worth of the price requested might reveal itself a little more worrisome. Therefore, know that the cost breakdown of a plastic surgery is composed by: Surgeon’s Fee – This will probably be the biggest parcel of the cost. Bare in mind that this is only fair, considering that the surgeon is the most absolute indispensable part of your surgery and that the final result of it depends on its “plastic artist work”. Choose a surgeon based on its credentials, results, patients satisfaction level and the trust it inspires you when answering your questions. Anesthetist’s fee – If you want to sleep tightly while your procedure follows, with no dramatic awakenings while your chest is open, you’ll be happy to pay this value. Operations Theatre Fee – Regard all the equipment necessary for surgery from the operating table you will lay on to the high-tech scalpel for the most precision movement of the doctor. The more modern the equipment, the more up to date the techniques and more likely to have the most satisfactory results. Prostheses (implants) cost – Another big share of the procedure cost. Ideally, the costly the implants or prostheses, the best quality guarantee. Just for the sake of your safety and future complications avoidance, make sure the implants brand is properly certified by the medical authorities for the procedure you’re undergoing. Support Garments  cost – support garments tend to be costly but are indispensable in the aid of the healing process, while facilitating the patients post operatory movements and protecting from inadequate movements consequences to the healing body parts. Clinic/Hospital Fee – All the other structure, operational and administrative cost, from electricity, water, laundry, cleaning, billing, food provided, recovery medication, staff salaries, etc, enter in the ratio of the clinic fee. You’ll probably be surprised to know that while it considers a wide range of cost items is actually one of the smaller parcels of the overall cost. While knowing what you are actually paying for might be useful for your evaluation and consequent decision, be aware that choosing a surgeon and medical centre solely on the basis of a lower cost is highly unwise, therefore accordingly inadvisable. Have a question? Ask here

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