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The purpose of a rhinoplasty surgery is to enhance and to alter the size, shape and angle of your nose and bring it into better proportion with the rest of your face, helpful for cases such as hook nose, crooked nose, nasal asymmetry and bulbous tip. . It can also correct structural problems with the nose that cause chronic congestion and breathing problems.

This cosmetic surgery is for you if:

  • For those who find that their lips or chins do not fit in with the other facial features, we can help to provide a more balanced look.


Rhinoplasty (Cartilage or Implant)

Commonly called a “nose job”. For this procedure, our surgeon will assess your facial features and depending on your preferences and desired outcome, recommend the correct implant to use. Alternatively, our surgeon can harvest your own cartilage.




Alarplasty (Nostril Reduction)

Alarplasty addresses the alar region on your nose where the nostrils become rounded from the tip and extending toward the cheek. Unlike rhinoplasty that changes the appearance of your entire nose, alarplasty only changes the width of the nostrils. Our surgeon can assist you to narrow the span of flared nostrils to give your face a more balanced structure.



Fat Transfer (Nose & Nasolabial Folds)

Fat transfer to the nose can increase height, create definition, and provide illusion of bridge narrowing. The same technique can be used on nasolabial folds to smooth out laugh lines. The procedure uses your own fat.


Lip Reduction

Surgical procedure to remove excess lip tissue and reduce overly large and protruding lips. Incision will be placed on the inside of the lip.

Fat Transfer (Lips)

Your own fat is a good material for fuller lips because it eliminates the risk of allergic reaction or rejection.


Chin Augmentation & Reduction

Our surgeon can help you to create a pleasing, well-balanced facial contours by moderately reshaping the bone and other structural tissues at your chin, effectively refining facial definition and outline.

Cool Lipo (Chin)

Also known as laser-assisted lipolysis, Cool Lipo is a laser-based procedure that breaks up and liquefies fat cells for easy removal.

Liposuction (Chin)

Get rid of your double chin by removing excess fat with a chin liposuction.

Fat Transfer (Chin)

Your own fat can be injected in order to create a longer and more protruded chin.


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