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Cosmetic Surgery: Does It Change Who You Are?

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August 12, 2014
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Cosmetic Surgery: Does It Change Who You Are?

If you are considering cosmetic surgery, first, you have to be honest with yourself. Ask yourself these questions – Why do you want surgery? What do you expect the surgery to do for you? Generally there are two classifications of patients who make good candidates for surgery. The first group are patients with a strong self-image who are bothered by a physical characteristic that they’d like to improve or change. The second group includes patients who have a physical defect or cosmetic flaw that has diminished their self-esteem over time. Self-Contemplation It would be wise to give yourself a review of why you would go for cosmetic surgery. As this decision would be influential to your life, you need to be aware of why you are making this choice. It’s important to remember that cosmetic surgery can create both physical changes and changes in self-esteem. But if you are seeking surgery with the hope of influencing someone’s perception of you and not for yourself, you might end up disappointed. The fact is that a lot of people choose to undergo cosmetic surgery because they want to make changes in their lives for the better, hence changing their personality in the process. The question arises whether if there is an alteration of personality and more importantly, whether it is a good idea to generate it. Will It Change You? To answer this, we need to look at how cosmetic surgery may affect your personality. Overall debate suggests that if you have major changes made, it can change the way you act. For most people, it is just a little bit of nip and tuck, here and there, so as a result, there will be less of a change. In most case, there are no changes at all but simply bringing out the aspects of your personality that already existed within yourself. One thing that will definitely change in your personality is the boost of self-confidence. It would be accurate to say that having something you are self-conscious about taken care of would make you feel better about yourself; therefore you end up with more confidence in yourself. The snowball effect of having more confidence in yourself will reflect on other things that will have a rather large effect to your personality. For example, people will react to your appearance and confidence and treat you differently. The reality is that how we look and act does have an impact on the way we are treated by others. When people respond to us differently it tends to result in us acting differently, which of course can mean a change in our personality. While you can expect some personality changes when you have cosmetic surgery it is important to keep in mind that these might not happen and it is certainly not a good reason to have the surgery. Bottom-Line It’s important to understand that while cosmetic surgery can bring positive rewards, it will not change your life, your problems or your relationships. The same person that goes into surgery comes out of surgery. Cosmetic surgery is all about physical improvement, not perfection. It won’t change your life nor will it solve personal problems or make you look like someone else but it may give you extra self-confidence and additional sense of well-being.

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