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Moobs: Overcoming A Growing Problem With Gynaecomastia

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Guys shouldn’t have boobs, they should have chests. Only girls have boobs, right? Well, with damaging lifestyle choices such as poor diet, lack of exercise and even the misuse of hormonal treatments (such as steroids) to stimulate muscle development, men of all ages can grow what has been termed “man boobs”, or “moobs”. Referred to as Gynaecomastia in medical terms, this affliction has left many affected men sleepless regarding the growth of moobs and left wondering what to do about it. Doctors, however, are not baffled with this condition as they know it’s heavily influenced by today’s lifestyle. A few decades ago, we wouldn’t have even heard of moobs, let alone a solution for it. Why do I have moobs? Hormonal problems, steroid usage, poor nutrition and obesity all cause the growth of male breasts. Alcohol, for example, which is high in oestrogen, can also contribute to the growth. The imbalance of male and female hormones (androgens and oestrogens) causes Gynaecomastia. So “why does it happen?” For one, gym-goers trying to replicate superstar six packs often resort to short-cuts, ingesting powerful supplements spiked with steroids. That spells bad news as steroids inhibit the production of androgen; and men will suddenly find their breasts enlarging. As most dairy and meat products today are injected with growth hormones to accelerate production, hormonal imbalances occur when these foods are consumed. And to top it all off, a lack of physical activity only serves to convert more androgens into oestrogens. That’s why a majority of older men are also prone to experiencing Gynaecomastia. Other known causes are genetics, chronic diseases or side effects caused by medications. Getting rid of your moobs There are a couple of solutions to this problem, although the effectiveness is not certain. Trying to tighten chest muscles through exercise is a possibility, and cutting back on fat consumption will help. That is if you can stick to a set of exercises designed for your chest area long enough and determinedly cut fats from your daily food intake – no short feat there. Applying Gynaecomastia creams is another way to reduce breast enlargement but bear in mind, unless you’re dedicated to massaging and slathering layers of cream on your chest twice a day, every day, without minding the icky sticky feeling for a long period of time, then you could choose this treatment. But it has its drawbacks with all sorts of creams that promise effectiveness but not many deliver according to expectations. Plus, you need to master the right application techniques otherwise insufficient absorption into the skin will compromise efficiency. This also applies to men opting for breast reduction pills as the combination of ingredients in the pills could react favourably or negatively, depending on the individual. The potency and treatment time varies with different manufacturers formulating ingredients according to their own selections and proportions, so not all pills are created equal. Plus weeding out formulas without additives or preservatives could be a frustrating effort. So it becomes a case of pinning the tail on the donkey – blindfolded. That is mainly one of the biggest reasons why these pills may not be effective. Many men end up lost in a sea of endless choices or end up buying the wrong formula. Therefore, there’s a high chance of ineffectiveness and time loss to figure out which unique formula is suitable. Fast & Effective To effectively lose your man boobs, the fastest and most effective way is through breast reduction surgery, utilising a singular or composition of surgical techniques. To remove excess fatty tissue, liposuction would be carried out. To remove excess skin, glandular breast tissue, areola reduction and nipple repositioning, excision techniques are applied. Overall, breast reduction surgery sculpts a natural male contour for a more masculine chest. If you think you’re growing breasts, don’t cope with it on your own. Talk to Beverly Wilshire Medical Centre’s experienced surgeons to alleviate your worries.

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