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Top 10 Tips To Get Your Desired Breast Augmentation Results

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Before you go rushing off to get your breasts augmented, you should run by this checklist of top 10 tips that women need to know before getting their breasts improved.

  1. Breast implants cost

When you are considering breast implant costs, you should note that prices for breast augmentation vary widely, as there are many factors that contribute to the cost. You need to find out if total cost includes other aspects (besides implants) such as surgical facility fees, anaesthetic fees, prescriptions, post-surgery garments, medical tests and other miscellaneous fees. Consider all these ancillary costs carefully to draw a better conclusion of the final price.

  1. Before and after breast augmentation

To visualise your potential before and after surgery, it’s important to take a look at a doctor’s photo gallery. But look out for fake before and after breast augmentation pictures. Genuine photos should have consistent placement and lighting.

  1. Silicone vs. Saline

Silicone is the preferred choice as most women feel that silicone breast implants feel softer and more natural like normal breast tissue. It has less risk of implant folds or ripples and there is no risk of deflation. Women in general have also suggested that silicone implants gives a more normal slope to the upper breasts unlike saline implants that looks more round and visible, which is not how a natural breast looks. So during consultation, you should discuss with your doctor about your best option.

  1. Breast implants size

It’s obviously important to choose the right breast implant size before surgery. You should try it before you buy it. At Beverly Wilshire Medical Centre we have a form-fitting garment that allows our client to try on different implant sizes at the surgeon’s office. You should communicate the look you are trying to achieve or even show pictures to better relay your objectives.

  1. Under or over the muscle placement

There are many opinions about the best placement of an implant. Your body is the key deciding factor for cosmetic surgeons to recommend a breast implant placement that gives you a more natural-looking breast enlargement.

  1. Alternatives to breast implants

There are alternatives to breast implants to consider but some methods may only be temporarily effective such as hormonal pills, supplements, creams, fat injection or enhancing garments like bras or inserts.

  1. Natural-looking breast implants

The best breast augmentation results not only depend on the placement of the breast implant but the shape as well, as it will also influence the appearance. This has led many women to believe that natural-looking breasts stems from these factors. However, cosmetic surgeons find that the natural look only results from technique, placement, volume of implants relative to current breast size and breast dimensions.

  1. Nipple sensitivity

One of women’s highest concerns of the potential side effects from breasts implants is nipple sensitivity. Nevertheless, having hyper sensitive nipples is normal after surgery but whether the sensitivity lasts depends upon nipples gaining projection after augmentation and the chafing of clothing or the bra.

  1. Breast implants replacement

If you had breast implant performed 10 or 20 years ago, there may be a need to replace them depending on how long the breast implants were due to last. However, with today’s cosmetic surgery advancements a breast implant does not require any replacement at all.

  1. Find the right cosmetic surgeon

Even if you have made the right choices for all requirements on breast implants, you need the right specialist to perform the surgery for desired results. So seek out a board-certified cosmetic surgeon, print out questions to ask during a consultation and you’re on your way to your desired breast augmentation results. Beverly Wilshire can address all your questions and concerns regarding breast augmentation procedures so contact us for more details.

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