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Breast Affairs – Size Matters

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April 11, 2013
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The choice of the type of implant may be very important for the final result, but the major concern of a woman that decides to have a breast augmentation is still SIZE. The opinion of your doctor should be the first to be considered, and insight provided on your future figure, but nevertheless this is a very personal choice. So the final decision should still obviously be yours. For some technical information, know that breast implants are measured in cubic centimeters (cc), a volume measure, that refers precisely to that: the implant overall volume. This “volume” is what you are adding to your natural breast tissue.

Source: Mentor® Product Guide

Other thing to consider for the size question is the implant’s Profile. The profile of an implant refers to the level of forward projection from the chest that the implant creates. Basically, it refers to the degree of prominence of your new curves. A 300cc implant can have a larger diameter and a bigger projection or vice-versa, so the choice just depends on the desired result and one’s particular body figure and dimensions.
Unfortunately, visualising how a 300cc implant held in your hand, might look inside your bra, may be tricky. Imagination is not always very accurate and the breast implant size does not correspond to traditional bra cup sizes so there’s no way to predict exactly what the new size will be for your next lingerie shopping. Nevertheless, the most important thing is to consider your expectations and your body figure. If you decided for breast augmentation it is quite probable that you have a pretty clear idea of what you want to look like in terms of volume, whatever you which for a voluptuous or more discrete new neckline. That is what you should describe to your doctor, supported or not by example images that can give your surgeon a good approximated idea of what you desire in terms of your new profile. Anyway, there are some simple tricks that help to visualize the future effect of the new implants, like trying a model of the implant inside your bra, under your clothes. This will give a better picture of how the volume looks in your figure. Most of the doctors have trial samples available for this test. Another trick is to actually try different sizes of bras and fill them with cotton or other material and look how they look under your clothes. When you find the figure that makes you happy, purchase the bra and take it to your surgeon so that you can both choose an implant that will bring the wanted volume. When using this trick, and for overall information, know that your breast augmentation will not change the size of you underbust chest circumference, only your cup (breast circumference). Meaning that, if you now use a 34A bra, after surgery you will not use a 36 or 38, for example. Will still use a 34, but with a new cup size, whatever this is a B, C, D or plus. For another visualization option, the website, went a little further that this and actually created an interactive tool called NEW YOU VISUALIZER that allows users to upload their photos and try the new sizes.  Try you too:


Finally, after your breast augmentation, don’t rush and buy new lingerie. Give your breasts a couple of months to heal and settle and then, take your measures and find the right bust size. Here’s a guide for finding your perfect bra size, kindly and cleverly made available by El Corte Ingles corsetiere. We love useful tips and this is one!

1. Measure your underbust chest circumference just under your breasts.
2.Measure your breast circumference over the nipple and 
adjust to the sternum.
3. Check your size at the table below.

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