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A New You – Activate

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February 27, 2014
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April 11, 2014


So you’ve boarded the plane, you’ve relaxed and have taken a load off.  Especially that one minor (or possibly major) thing that’s been bothering you – now what do you do? We advise a course of activation, dance to a new beat, and sing a new song – so long as you don’t bother the old neighbour, of course. With the added exuberance of youth, you’ll no doubt be feeling as though the world is your oyster. Hell, you might even treat yourself to an actual oyster. With such close proximity to the sea, heaven isn’t a dream. Everyone’s at it. Take Jenny, for example, a 22 year-old woman taking the time out to work in China from her job in the UK. Jenny was a petite girl but had 34GG sized breasts which had affected her confidence, and, well, pretty much every aspect of her life: active sports would leave her in pain and she was fed up of being stared at. Jenny contacted Beverly Wilshire Medical Centre and after a lot of research and emails flying back and forth, decided to take the plunge and have a breast reduction. As soon as she made the decision, Jenny felt a lot happier and more positive. Post-op, she’s now returned to China and was back at work just two weeks after the procedure, already 100% after the surgery, feeling prettier and as though no-one is staring at her anymore – just what Jenny wanted. She’s now looking forward to a blissful and frivolous future when she returns to the UK in a few months, in better shape than ever before. How would you activate the new you?

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