The slogan “Malaysia, truly Asia” is easy to understand why it’s being used, as Malaysia has a combination of influences from China, India, Portugal, Dutch, British with ethnic mixes of indigenous cultures from Borneo; creating a stunning mix of society and cuisine, exploding with irresistible colour and life. Its growth in healthcare services has also been exponential whereby in 2015, Frost & Sullivan reported that Malaysia is ideally positioned to grow in medical tourism besides private healthcare services and medical devices. Further cementing the report, International Medical Travel Journal (IMTJ) affirmed Malaysia as Medical Travel Destination of the Year during the 2015 Medical Travel Awards – reinforcing Malaysia’s position as an excellent gateway for inbound medical tourism with statistical evidence of annual growth, high patient satisfaction and collaborative endeavours that successfully increased the influx. As medical tourism continues to flourish in Malaysia, it’s often in a spotlight comparison with other Asian countries but here we’ve simply highlighted the top 5 reasons why you should choose Malaysia as your destination for your cosmetic surgery procedures:

  1. Sophisticated healthcare market

With Malaysia having a premium source of medical personnel and top-of-the-line quality facilities that covers different scope of treatments, it has garnered a steady traction of medical tourists that are attracted to Malaysia’s excellent medical reputation and cosmetic surgery hubs. Most medical specialists and surgeons in Malaysia are highly trained and qualified with extensive qualifications that are obtained from United Kingdom, Australia or United States. Although the official language is Malay, medical staff in Malaysia can converse in good English which indicates why many medical tourists incorporate this into their deciding factor because in any situation, they like being able to easily relay their needs and concerns without any communication barrier.

  1. Advanced facilities & equipment

In Malaysia, doctors and surgeons enjoy working in state-of-the-art environment with sufficiently staffed professionals in private medical centres accredited with MS ISO 9001, the international standard for quality assurance. Most people seeking cosmetic surgical procedures in this country are confidently assured in their knowledge that all Malaysia’s private medical centres are approved and licensed by the Ministry of Health.

  1. Remarkably affordable treatment costs

Compared to other neighbouring Asian countries like Thailand and Singapore, Malaysia continues to excel in position offering one of the most competitive cosmetic surgery treatment costs. With Singapore burdened with exceedingly high medical costs and Thailand shadowed with the impact of political instability, Malaysia stands out offering the best exchange in terms of dollar size and superb location of tranquillity.

  1. Benefits of 2 in 1

The fact that you can add holiday plans to your cosmetic procedure trip is a boon to many who have found the 2 in 1 bliss that Malaysia offers. Delighting in the country’s all year round tropical weather with idyllic beaches and islands which can be blended into any treatment itinerary, many visitors return time and time again to savour the best cosmetic procedure care and the wondrous vacation experience; all rolled into one awesome trip.

  1. Shopping & culinary paradise for the new you

Another benefit to add while recovering from your cosmetic treatment in Malaysia is the shopping paradise that greets the inner thirst of your shopaholic tendency that wants a wardrobe makeover to compliment your new look. With the advantageous exchange of currency value, many make a beeline for luxury brands choosing to adorn their improved image with stylish elegance in tasteful fashion that injects even more self-confidence, mentally or physically. On top of that, being able to satisfy your gastronomic desires with world class cuisines that are well-renowned in Malaysia complements your convalescent stage as being able to partake in the comfort of delicious food attributes to better recuperation. Win-win situation For those that are still pondering on getting a cosmetic procedure in Malaysia, here are some testimonials from one of Malaysia’s premium medical hub that also won the International Cosmetic Surgery Clinic of the Year 2015, Beverly Wilshire Medical Centre, located right in the centre of its capital city, Kuala Lumpur. To clear your apprehension and make certain of your decision, why not enquire for a comprehensive consultation today and get a frank assessment on your desired procedure. Once your trip is confirmed, you’ll be among many that has realized the countless advantages reaped by those who chose Malaysia as their cosmetic surgery destination.