We look ourselves in the mirror everyday but women being individuals that desires being attractive for themselves and the opposite sex; often looks in the mirror more than men. On average, a woman probably checks herself out in the mirror at least eight times a day – we check on our makeup, facial skin development but most of all as a sense of reassurance to ourselves. For every woman, a day will come when we look into the mirror and realise that we don’t look like how we feel or vice versa. When that gap begins to widen, we begin to fear internally and grapple with reality that we don’t look the way we feel we ought to. But our world doesn’t have to crumble with that terrifying emotion because there are cutting-edge aesthetic procedures available today that can make us look in tandem with the way we feel. With the right procedures, the right aestheticians and coupled with advanced scientific breakthroughs, women can rejuvenate and refresh their looks without succumbing to the psychological gap. With more and more innovative and evolving techniques, we’ve pulled together the most popular top 5 aesthetic procedures that women go for:

  1. Botox

There is no denial that Botox remains at the top list, being the most popular quickie anti-wrinkle solution with results that lasts up to 4 to 6 months. By just spending 20 minutes of treatment time without going under the scalpel, you can have smooth wrinkle-free skin and be ready to attend any social events the next day.

  1. Dermal Fillers

Dermal fillers are ideal solutions to replace facial volume that is lost during aging. Just like a juicy fruit that shrivels as time passes, dermal filler injections can plump up and add structure to give a more youthful look with diminished lines and wrinkles. Depending on the area, treatment could last up to 24 months or more.

  1. Laser Hair Removal

Women are not fond of fine facial hair disrupting their complexion, especially during makeup as it hinders achieving the perfect look when applying base, foundation or powder. They also want to saunter about in their shorts showing off their smooth hairless legs. That’s why it remains as one of women’s most popular non-invasive technique that uses a low energy laser beam to interrupt hair follicle growth cycle; therefore removing unwanted hair on your face or body.

  1. Laser Skin Resurfacing

This procedure attracts women who want a complete overhaul of their skin where fractional laser technology is applied to help restore skin to its original radiance attaining perfect skin texture that has minimal fine lines, wrinkles, acne scars, brown spots, large pores and pigmentation. It usually takes 3 to 5 sessions to acquire optimal results.

  1. Chemical Peels

Many women turn to this treatment when they realise that their skin has been damaged by the sun where having to endure uneven-coloured skin, peppered with freckles, sun spots, scars, rough scaly patches, in addition to fine lines and wrinkles becomes unbearable for them. Using a chemical solution that is brushed onto the skin, a gentle skin peel is induced to reveal new skin underneath that could take 6 to 8 weeks to emerge. Looking wonderful but not radically different The point of all these aesthetic procedures that women go for is that they help them look and feel like themselves again without any extreme changes. Do drop into our centre for a comprehensive consultation and after treatment, you might just find yourself glancing into the mirror more often than you’d want to!