The hair maketh the man. Time and effort are needed to groom your hair to your desired style. Here are the top 10 men haircut trending right now – pick and choose a hairstyle that encapsulates your personality and style. With some patience and a trusted barber, you can be sure to achieve these looks in no time! 1. Side part pompadour shutterstock_114382603 The side part pompadour is definitely making a comeback among professional working men. This is the hairstyle that David Beckham currently adopts. It’s perfect for him in both style and suitability. Having retired from football and mostly attending promotional and sponsorship events, his hairstyle exudes both professionalism and elegance at the same time. This makes it suitable for the modern day gentleman who needs a hairstyle that fits for both the office and after hours. 2. Short and spiky shutterstock_125355854 This has long been a trendy haircut among men for some time now. Revered for its unique style and ease of maintenance, this hairstyle has been adopted by many male celebrities. However, when it comes to the short and spiky hairstyle, nobody could possibly pull it off better than Brad Pitt. A tip for this hairstyle is to go easy with the gel or else you’ll end up looking like a lost porcupine. 3. Hard part shutterstock_111522263 The hard part is a very deliberate hairstyle that prominently showcases a side part at the side of your head. This may be a natural part or might have been shaven out by your hairstylist. This hairstyle turns head because of the bold parting and it’s very popular among executives who are generally bold and confident people. No wonder it is the hairstyle choice of George Clooney – voted The People Magazine’s sexiest man alive not once, but twice in 1997 and 2006. 4. Angular fringe shutterstock_348418241 The angular fringe is for men who want to achieve a more laid back vibe. It’s a hairstyle that epitomises a carefree attitude, but with a little help from a styling cream of your choice, it can be pulled off tastefully. Justin Bieber does a good job with his angular fringe, sweeping it towards the right to frame his face. 5. Short buzz cut shutterstock_95152702 The short buzz cut is the cleanest hairstyle you can ask for. Justin Timberlake is the prime example of how to pull off a short buzz cut. Pair it with a short beard and voila! Kept short throughout the entire scalp, this hairstyle frames a man who strives to portray an impression of seriousness and business acumen. This is another versatile hairstyle – appropriate for both work and play. On top of this, it is very low maintenance as you don’t need hair products for this style. 6. Messy hair don’t care shutterstock_102017743 Popularized by Ian Somerhalder, this look is the refined version of bed hair. Good for the weekends because of its casual look, this can also be suited to the office with some help from a styling product. The idea is to style your fringe in a way that it covers your forehead in a natural manner. Just make sure your hair is not too long or it will simply look like bed hair. 7. Wavy quiff shutterstock_57595942 The wavy quiff is how you spice up the old-fashioned pomp. Zac Efron shows us exactly how to do it. Start off by combing your hair like you would for a normal slick back. Finish off with your fingers gradually twisting the hair at the front upwards to create a wavy look. Perfect for a man who wants a unique hairstyle that epitomizes a fun-loving personality. 8. Hair tattoo shave shutterstock_173642489 (1) Talk about making a statement. Paul Pogba, who plays midfield for Juventus FC in the Italian top flight, walks the talk in both his football and his hairstyle. A hair tattoo is essentially shaven into the side of the head. In Pogba’s case, he takes it up a notch by dying it a blonde hue. The hair tattoo is suitable for sportsmen or any media related work. Not exactly suitable for the office, we would say. 9. Slicked back shutterstock_278777459 (1) Ah, who doesn’t love a man who can pull off a slick back? Jake Gyllenhaal has mastered the slick back to perfection. Not a single hair out of place, the slick back typifies the self-respecting man who puts in time and effort in grooming himself. While being a tad bit overdone for the office, the slick back can still be your go-to hairstyle due to its neatness. 10. Old school pompadour shutterstock_105239426 The old school pompadour is all about volume and height. Bruno Mars achieves this, to quite an effect as well. A high maintenance hairstyle which will take up some time in the morning, it is well worth the effort if you want a timeless hairstyle suitable for any occasion. 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