Kylie Jenner crazed the social media with her oversized pout and kick-started a whirlwind of young women to follow suit with images of their lips severely swollen and bruised after aggressively sucking the air out of shot glasses, in attempts to imitate her lips through DIY method. The intentional disfigurement swamped social media with loads of mocking and criticism fired between columnists, beauty experts and aspiring Kylie Jenner fans. The furore, coupled with Kylie’s lip challenge was akin to watching a train wreck which kept us riveted while it happened. The results have spurred a growing group of millennials embracing face-shaping cosmetic procedures to alter their facial contours and it’s not that they’re looking for subtle results; instead, they want procedures done to be noticeable. Signalling the rise of “Richface” aesthetic, appearing puffed and plumped is the new instant recognition – a luxury marker of wealth and status. Reports of an increase in young patients undergoing cosmetic surgery are attesting to the Richface phenomena where it’s like parading the latest Louis Vuitton handbag within their social circles. If you have it, flaunt it This new generation doesn’t hide their enhancements in shame; in fact they seem rather proud to flaunt their plumped-up lips or smooth sculpted cheeks, bragging about it like it’s just a normal part of their beauty routine. Many, after having a cosmetic procedure performed, immediately post photos of themselves on social media – showing off their enhanced assets where in the same situation, past generations would never reveal or even admit that they’ve tweaked themselves surgically. Affluent millennials today raised by wealthy parents are not attracted to traditional status symbols where designer labels and cars are yesterday’s news. These kids desire experiences that’s easily captured and sharable among their circle and this gives luxury brands a run for their money. The occurrence of Richface is partly driven by the changes in the way we shop and attire ourselves; especially when wearable trends quickly evolve, not to mention endless cheap imitations that have declined fashion as an image indicator of wealth. A luxury message The Richface generation is sending a clear-cut luxury message via cosmetic procedures and there’s no hush-hush secrecy about it unlike a decade ago where many attempted to hide from the public or acquaintances after undergoing cosmetic surgery. Today’s young generation are smarter with a faster maturity rate and they are more perceptive with what they desire and what they need to acquire their goals. If cosmetic surgery is going to help them achieve their objectives, they are no longer restricting themselves based on prohibitions or what others might think. Although there are some cosmetic surgery candidates that still prefer to keep their secrets, there’s no denying that the Richface trend is accelerating and expanding within socialites that are changing the definition of beauty and have no qualms about sharing their experiences with the whole world. If you’re thinking of joining the latest hallmark features of Richface, why not consult our experienced cosmetic surgeons in Beverly Wilshire Medical Centre to achieve your Richface goals successfully?