Couples therapy, couples massage, couples facial, couples package for almost everything under the sun; whether in the guise of romanticism or fun, we’re inundated with scores of choices that couples are spoilt for. Besides spurring the lovey-dovey notion and being pampered, couple packages are definitely driving the spirit of togetherness and fun to forge closer ties among each other. Today, there is a new growing craze that’s sweeping the world of couples – a beauty matching trend with cosmetic surgery. Couples are now going under the knife in an effort to match or complement their looks with each other. Although this bold new vogue may seem to be ultra-narcissistic to some but it’s already proving to be popular in cosmetic surgery centres around the world. Just like the earlier trends of couple packages for spa centres or facial treatments, modern-day couples are now seeking beauty-matching surgery together. It’s mostly common for the wife to come in for treatment first while the husband will come in for treatment once he has seen his partner’s results. Most beauty-match couples go for facial rejuvenation such as facelifts, Botox or filler injections but body-shaping procedures such as tummy tucks and liposuction are also in demand. As this burgeoning trend continues to gain momentum, it dispels an age-old routine where the wife can’t let the husband know she’s having cosmetic surgery or the husband keeping his cosmetic procedure a secret from his wife. Now the attitude is – If you’re going to look good, I want to look good too! Most married couples are getting into surgery together because if one partner is going to look 10 years younger, then the other one is not going to slack behind looking older. Most report that after having their joint cosmetic procedures, couples have more energy, feel more refreshed and closer as they have shared a great experience of their life together. They feel that cosmetic surgery together is worth every bit spent as having the clocks on their faces and bodies reset synchronises their feelings of growing younger and more attractive together and knowing what each other was going through from pre-surgery to post-surgery and recovery, reinforces and infuses new energy and stronger bond into their relationship. In a nutshell, joint cosmetic surgery produces such positive aura that more and more married couples or relationship partners are deciding to grow younger instead of growing old together. Couples are now seeing the beneficial outcome of not just physical results but psychological as well. Although couples may have their procedures done around the same time, they don’t always choose the same treatment. Most women go all over while the men’s choice falls mainly onto liposuction around abdomen, chest, chin and male breast reduction. Where do we start? You can start your journey together by coming into our medical centre for a comprehensive consultation today where we can help you evaluate your desires and goals, determining if you and your partner are good candidates for a couple’s makeover. Start your journey together with Beverly Wilshire’s highly experienced surgeons right now!