Selfies are typically ruling the internet, carving out a niche of kingdom in Facebook, Twitter or Instagram; assaulting us with faces that we’ve just met or faces that we never want to see again. Being overwhelmed with an abundance of ego and vanity can certainly tick a nerve or two but selfies are here to stay so the best way of dealing with it is to break down the types of selfies and what makes them tick. Although many selfies are tuned to stroke the ego in a number of ways, it is also a fun, friendly way to share and communicate at large at how we want the world to see us and accept the side of ourselves which we are comfortable with; be it showing off, being there, done that, we all love selfies in the end. Here are ten most popular types of selfies:

  1. Best bod selfie

Pretty woman in bikini taking selfie at the beach Putting your best assets forward is the way to go for every successful selfie. After all if you have divine body parts, honestly, would you not want to exploit them? What’s the point of a selfie if you aren’t being admired for your assets?

  1. I–wake-up-like-this-look selfie

bed selfie If you don’t feel like getting out of the bed on a lazy day, being a bed selfie, you’ll definitely find the strength to lift up your phone and snap a selfie. We’ll never understand why they like to show the world they’re “bumming it” but we’d love to be in their shoes or bed for that matter!

  1. The fitness selfie

y8yeu3g5tphzviolucqn This lot usually appears after working out in a gym along with a caption that they’re heading off to the nearest juice bar. We get it that your body will firm up by being at the fitness centre but beware – your selfie might just catch someone more attractive in the background – the subject of attention not being you!

  1. The bathroom selfie

Woman bathing Even when we try to keep our lives private and away from prying eyes, bathroom selfies seems to be giving it up easily at our home’s most private place. Do you really want the world to look at what you do in the bathroom?

  1. The duckface selfie

a beauty girl taking selfie Emulating celebrities that have pouty lips, the duckface selfies are one of the best known varieties that became popular when netizens strained to copy puffed-lip of on-and-off screen beauties. Although it looks ridiculous, it’s understood that without lip fillers, there’s no way to look that pouty!

  1. The living the high life selfie

Friends On Boat Taking A Selfie If you’re dreaming to be that guy living the high life of luxury partying, surrounded with gorgeous gals, this selfie shows you how they’ve achieved it but for some of us it will remain just an illusion.

  1. The travel-obsessed selfie

Two hikers taking selfie on top of the mountain This selfie group is certainly one of the most popular ones where travelling around the world at amazing vacation spots must be captured and circulated to their friends in fear that no one knows that they’ve been there.

  1. The food selfie

Friends Using Smartphones To Take Photos Of Sausage And Pork Cho There is just no way to convey to food selfies that no one is impressed with the food you eat. Everyone eats and with money and a credit card, anyone can order exotic or fancy food. So reign in the urge to photograph yourself with what you eat, unless you’re scantily clad.

  1. The emo selfie

12073301603_d15f859b98_z The emo selfie reflects just about anything that suits their mood or whatever they feel at the moment. This moody selfies somewhat appeals to the empathic lot in us to feel the life experience their going through whether we like it or not.

  1. The validation selfie

Underwater selfie with friend. Scuba diver and shark in deep sea Met a shark face to face? Don’t wait for your buddies to know. Snap a quick selfie meeting the jaws of possible death and show off your bravado! That is, if you’re still in one piece! A social phenomenon Whether you think that selfies are show offs or conveying experiences in a personal way, it is an effective visual channel that remains indispensable in our digital society. Which selfie are you? If you are contemplating to look even better for your future selfies, why not consult our skilled surgeons for a selfie makeover that could get your friend’s admiration?