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Graceful Aging


As we grow older, we experience poor memory power, lower energy level and higher chance of succumbing to illnesses. At some point in time, we will look for solutions to enjoy a better quality of life filled with higher energy levels, improved memory, and simply being able to look and feel younger than we actually are.

Stem cell therapy is a scientifically proven method to rejuvenate the body from the inside out and provide hope for many who suffer from certain medical conditions and diseases.

There is a comprehensive list of rules and regulations when it comes to stem cells in Malaysia. Beware of stem cell treatments offered without regulatory approval or outside the confines of a legitimate and registered clinical trial.

It is important to remember that stem cell is not a cure-all miracle, and always consult a specialist if you or a family member are thinking about stem cells as a treatment.

Beverly Stem Cell Therapy

What are stem cells?

Stem cells are cells with the ability to divide or renew themselves for long periods and to give rise to specialized cells.

What are mesenchymal stem cells (MSC)?

Mesenchymal stem cells are “adult” stem cells. They are “multipotent stromal cells” that can produce more than one type of specialized cell of the body (around 17 types in total), including cartilage, bone, skin etc. Being immunoprivileged, MSC will not evoke immune reactions. They rejuvenate existing cells, reduce organ damage and increase wellbeing.

What can mesenchymal stem cell therapy do for me?

The process of aging will cause every cell and organ to deteriorate and mesenchymal stem cell therapy has become a powerful alternative for managing the aging process. It is not just “another injection” you see in ordinary clinics. It is an intensive treatment program to give you a cellular “reboot” and regenerate damaged tissue that the body would not ordinarily regrow.

We conduct legitimate stem cell researches, clinical trials and registry

You are able to seek professional advice from a stem cell specialist before considering any further action. Your safety, comfort, and confidentiality remain our priority.

We use only ethically sourced MSC

Harvested from: (1) the umbilical cords of new-borns with the consent of parents; (2) donor’s or your own bone marrow, blood, tooth, or fat; (3) imported GMP certified MSC.

Helpful for individuals with certain medical conditions

Cardiovascular disease, liver disease, arthritis, diabetes, renal disease, autoimmune conditions, etc.


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