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Age and beauty – the new you

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May 21, 2014
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May 27, 2014

Age and Beauty – The New You The day you look in the mirror and find a crop of wrinkles jeering back at you can be detrimental to your confidence. Although these lines of wisdom denote good and bad memories in your life, it’s hard to not simply see them as signs of aging. Most people believe that everything starts to roll downhill after the age of forty-five. At that age, they can sometimes start to feel less desirable and can feel less confident in social situations when surrounded by the fresher looking and younger generation. That’s all wrong – there is research showing that “thirty-five” is actually the new “twenty-one”. Despite what age group you are getting into or are already in, there’s no such thing as too late to create a brand new you. Here are some pointers to re-branding the new you: 1. Confidence Take control of your life. You need to take concrete actions that improve your confidence and your self-image. At the end of the day, if you’re confident about how you look, you’ll feel successful and all set to tackle the world.  2. Style The ability to carry yourself with the proper clothes, accessories and good posture is strongly related to the level of confidence you possess. Only once all of these elements are combined can you cultivate that gorgeous, confident and independent woman vibe. 3. Personality This last element is perhaps the most essential. Everyone has a different personality; it is this distinctive quality that brings out your beauty while defining your unique self. Think positive, act positive, and be kind and generous. That will shine through to the outside, and soon you’ll find everyone around you wondering just what your secret magic is!

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